EBADAT Prayer 5

EBADAT Prayer 5



This book deals with the first obligatory in Islam Salah [Prayer] giving full detailed explanation about everything related to it due to its significance in Islam on the one side and for the worshippers on the other side.in addition to its importance in our life , the book obviously determines its great rewards from Almighty Allah for those who perform it which is doubtly gonna be paradise its width as the heavens and the earth , meantime the painful punishment for those who abandon performing it where their end is the Hell.the book also illustrates the replies of the prophet [PBUH] to his companions [MPW] concerning their questions about the recompense of establishing performing the daily obligatory five salawat[prayers] on time and congrgationally with the rest of the worshippers and its bounty over establishing and performing the individual salah[prayer]

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