EBADAT Prayer 6

EBADAT Prayer 6


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What can you learn from book six?
Book six consists of thirty three questions and answers.This book’s title is “the history of obligatory prayer” therefore, it talks about the time of making Salah[the prayer] obligatory. When you read book six, you’ll see prophet Muhammed’s mercy. To know the number of obligatory prayers, read book six. How do you make tasleemah? To answer this question, you can read book six. When you read book six, you’ll learn the conditions of Salah [the prayer]. Do you think prayer is obligatory to children and insane? After reading book six, it will be clear for you. You will know about kinds of purity for performing prayer. You’ll learn what AWRAH is. In book six you find the obligatory elements. Book six teaches you how to carry out ruku’ [bowing down] and sujud [prostrating]. If you need to know how to supplicate and how to say the Tashahhud, read book six to its end. Our aim is to perform your obligatory prayer in a sound and correct way to be accepted by Allah [glory be to Him]. Finally, remember to read book seven to learn more about your religion and Ebadat [worship]. Book seven is about the sunan of prayer.

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