EBADAT Prayer 8

EBADAT Prayer 8



What is Book Number Eight?
This book is one of the best books that E-Aalim presents. The book’s title is ‘sujud as-sahw’ [prostration for forgetfulness]. This book consists of thirty four questions and answers. This book teaches you when and how you perform sujud as-sahw. You can learn what to do when adding,omitting or doubting any act of prayer. you can also know how to mend your salah [prayer] i.e how to make up for what you added omitted or doubted during performing your obligatory prayer. These different cases of performing sujud as-sahw are mentioned in this book in detail. you should read this book to know when Allah’s messenger [PBUH] used to make sujud as-sahw. you’ll find examples for the cases of forgetfulness,
omission or doubtedness. The book also manifests how valid the prayer is. Finally, it is advisable to read book nine to know about the call for the prayer.

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