EBADAT Prayer 9

EBADAT Prayer 9



This is the ninth book of the E-Aalim book series. It is about the call to the prayer [the adhan]. It is a very interesting book. This book consists of twenty nine questions and answers. The first fifteen questions are about the start of the adhan and who suggested it. After that, who was chosen to say the adhan. Then who chose him to say the adhan and why. When you read this book, it will be clear to you the importance of the call to the prayer. you will know who saw a dream and what was the dream about. The book slightly moved to another subject about the ma’moom. This subject is presented in the following questions from question sixteen to question twenty nine. After reading the questions, you will learn where the ma’moom stand if he is one or more. If the worshippers were men and women, how can they row behind the Imam? after reading the book, you’ll know. Can one station himself behind the row? Who was the first Muadhin? How do you know the entry of prayer time? How many times does the Muadhin call to prayer? to know the answers of these questions, you should read this book. Finally, my advice to you is to read book ten about the duties of the ma’moom.


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