Ebadat "the prayer" part 11

Ebadat “the prayer” part 11





Now we come to book eleven. The title of this book is the favour and value of congregational prayer. It is the eleventh book of the E-Aalim book series. This book consists of forty six questions and answers about the rewards of congregeaaliational prayer in the worldly life and the hereafter. when you read this book, you will realise the value of performing  prayers in

congregation. you will also know all kinds of congregational prayers. it will be obvious to you when the Eid [vision] prayer was prescribed. If you want to know how often prophet Muhammed [PBUH] performed it, book eleven should be read. in addition to men, who were commanded to attend Eid prayer and why they were  commanded to attend. you will also know about the time of performing Eidul-fitr and Eidul-adh-ha. while you are reading this book, you will recognise the required etiquettes to offer the Eid prayer. When you read the book, you’ll find what the prophet used to do in Eid prayer. It is known that Takbeer is one of the required etiquettes of Eid prayer, but how long we can say takbeer. The book tells you about the route of going and returning from Eid place [musalla]. After reading, we learn what we can do when we meet each other. We will know about the days of tashreeq. In this book you will read what Abu Bakr said to the girls who were singing and what the prophet said to Abu Bakr. The book lets us know the number of takbeers in the first or the second rak’ah. The book has information about which surahs we can read in each rak’ah and how we can read. you’ll learn what you can do, if you missed the Eid prayer. At last not least, this book has good religious information, so aMuslim should be keen on reading it. don’t forget to read book twelve about purification in Islam especially water and ablution.



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