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There is a great and unjust accusation, to THE CALL PROPHET MOHAMMAD and Islam, is a male-oriented religion.
It is true that Islam has its own rivals and prejudiced critics.
This is mainly because Islam itself gets into intellectual combats throughout the Holy Quran and the sunnah all the time.
Whenever those rivals launch a campaign against Islam out of grudge, Islam quietly gets victorious out of such campaigns.



Reflecting upon this Heavenly religion and its history reveals that women played almost
the greatest role in supporting and promoting Islam.
When frightened after meeting Gabriel at the Hira for the first time, prophet Mohammad
didn’t resort to his friend, Abu Bakr or his many uncles.
Instead, he resorted to his virtuous first wife Khadijah for condolence and comfort,
Khadijah had a major role and effect
in supporting prophet Mohammad all the thorny way of his Call.
She was his best wife ever, as he often said, She believed him when people disbelieved him,
and She supported and encouraged him when people let him down,
She bore him his short-lived three boys and his four daughters: Rouqayyaah, Zainab,
Umm Kulthum and Fatimah.
Prophet Mohammad kept the memory of Khadijah even after her death.
He considered losing her, along with his uncle Abu Talib, a sufficient cause to call that year,
the year of Grief ”.
He even honored a woman only because that woman used to visit “ them”
on the days of Khadijah.

prophet mohammad
prophet mohammad


Logically, Mohammad was never a womanizer, as it is unjustly rumored, Though he was in the prime of his youth,
Prophet Mohammad considered Khadijah his best wife, despite the fact that she was fifteen years older than him.
When he migrated to Madinah, he consummated his controversial marriage to Aisha, Moving
from the elderly woman of Khadijah to the early adult woman
of Aisha sends us men a very important message:
a husband should honor and care for his wife, regardless of her age or mentality.
The serah teems with examples of Aishah’s innocent, naive and even childish
behavior, Almost no reliable source spoke about her stunning beauty that made the prophet call her his best wife.
The whole matter is as he himself once put it: “ the best man of you, Muslims,
is the best “husband” to his wife, and I am the best husband to his wife”.
Even he calls a wife, a man’s folk, meaning all man’s relatives.


In a tribal society governed by certain rules polygamy was an everyday occurrance.
So to judge a certain society, researchers shouldn’t impose their cultural values
on the given society.
The prophet MOHAMMAD more often declared that he was an Arab, bringing about
no novelty which is different from what the previous prophets brought.
So the Arabs at his time and the preophets before himself practiced polygamy.
But why did the prophet do so?
He answers us. Allah ordered him to marry every woman he married, It was not a personal affair.
Many of the prophet’s wives were either widows, old women or daughters of ex-enemies.
He wanted to strengthen the bonds with certain men.
So he married Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr, He married Hafs, the daughter of Omar,
He married Safia the daughter of Ka’b, the chief of the Jews.
Also he married some daughters of the Arab tribal chiefs.
However those diverse marriage cases were aimed to teach,
the Muslim husbands to be godd and just to their wives, either it was only one wife or more than just one wife.

prophet mohammad
prophet mohammad


When we discuss the character of the prophet as a father, we see the incarnation of the meaning of his Hadith:
“ I am but a mercy given to humanity as a gift.” First, he wept in tears for the loss of his baby child who died.
His enemies wanted to make him feel pain by divorcing his two daughters.
He let one of the most decent companions, Othman, marry his two daughters successively.
And He also used to call Fatimah, his daughter, the mother of her father,
denoting his tenderness to her,
He pitied her for being married to a poor man, Ali ibn Abi Talib , He often visited her at her husband’s house.
When her house was too far from his, he kindly asked her to change houses to be nearer to him.
This is to enable him to visit her. During his last days, he couldn’t bear
to see Fatimah weeping for him.
He whispered to her that he was going to die, so she cried.
Then he whispered to her that she would be his first relative to die after himself, so she smiled:
as Aishah later narrated.
The prophet didn’t only love his wives or children, he even loved his grandchildren as well.
He used to let al- Hassan and al-Hussein mount on his back, saying:
“ your camel is the best of camels.” and He also called them his two basels.
He loved them so much that he asked Allah to love whoever loves them.


To sum up, PROPHET MOHAMMAD was a prophet A human, of flesh and blood who came to humanity to teach
and advocate mercy in its best images.
We should learn to be merciful like him and be good merciful humans
whenever and wherever we are.

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