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Quranic statistics and numerical balance… learn Quran online

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One of the aspects of the Quranic miracle,

as Al-Sakaki said in Al-Muftah :

Talking about the mirac ulousness of the Quran is possible,

but to describe mirac ulousness of the Quran cannot.

Ibn Saraqa said:

From some aspects of the miracle of the Quran,

what Allah mentioned in it are the numbers of

arithmetic, addition, division, multiplication, agreement,

also : composition, fit, classification and multiplication.

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Other names for some surahs in the Holy Quran… learn Quran online

Each surah in the Noble Quran has its own name,

and some surahs have more than one name.

We mention some of them:

Al-Fatihah: The Mother of the Book, the Seven Mathanis,

the Treasure, the Compassionate, the Sufficient, the Healing.

Two Surahs in the Quran called Al-Zahrawan are

Surat Al-Baqarah and Al-Imran.

A surah in the Quran called Surah Al-Munqidh is

Surah Al-Maidah.

while A surah in the Quran called

the Surah Al-Fadhalah is the Surah of Repentance.

and A surah in the Quran called Surah al-Jami’ is Surah al-Shu’ara.

A surah in the Quran called Surah Bara is Surah At-Tawbah.

and A Surah in the Quran called Surah Al-An’am is Surat An-Nahl.

A Surah in the Quran called Surat Solomon is Surah An-Naml.

and also A surah in the Quran called Surah Al-Malakah is Surah Al-Fatir.

so also A surah in the Quran called the Heart of the Quran is surah Ya-Seen.

Also A surah in the Quran called Al-Manjih is object is Surat Al-Mulk.

Also surah in the Quran called the hump of the Quran is Surah Al-Baqarah.

and Also surah in the Quran called the Bride of the Quran is Surah Ar-Rahman.

Names and attributes of the Seal of the Prophets contained in the Noble Quran.

Ahmed – the trustworthy – the first of the believers –

also  the first of the Muslims – the first of the worshipers –

 the proof – the evangelist – the seal of the prophets – 

a caller to Allah – a mercy to the worlds – the merciful –

and also  the messenger – the messenger of Allah – 

the faithful messenger – the clear messenger –

 the generous messenger – the merciful –

 also a luminous lamp – a witness – Martyr – Sahib – Abdullah –

 missionary – Muhammad – Muddathir – Muzzammil – 

also reminding – warner – honest advisor – prophet –

 illiterate prophet – warner – clear warner – guardian.

The names of the angels mentioned in the Holy Quranlearn Quran online

The names of the angels – peace be upon

them – declared in the Holy Quran:

– Gabriel “The Faithful Spirit”

– Harut

– Marot

– Michal

– owner

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Names and recipes on the Day of Resurrection contained in the Holy Quran. learn Quran online

the hereafter

The crane – the hour – the screaming – the ghashiya –

and also Al Qari’ah – Resurrection – The incident – The Last Day –

The day of resurrection ( Doomsday)

also scandal day

 the day of desolation –

and also The day of meeting – the day of calling – the day of gathering –

as well The day of reckoning – the day of heartbreak – the day of truth –

  and also The Day of Exodus – The Day of Eternity – The Day of Judgment –

 The Day of Asir –

 Great day – barren day – day of conquest –

also Separation Day – Judgment Day – Big Day – Ocean Day –

A witnessed day – A known day – A promised day – A day of warning –

also The Day of Recompense – The Day of Repentance – The Day of Testimony –

Publication day –

and also A day when neither wealth nor children will benefit except

those who come to Allah with a sound heart.

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Names and types of heavens mentioned in the Noble Quranlearn Quran online

Gardens of Eden – Gardens of Paradise –

also gardens of shelter – gardens of bliss –

A mole’s paradise – a high paradise –

and also The House of Peace – The House of Decision –

 Dar Al-Mutaqin – Dar Al-Maqamah –

also Gardens of Paradise – the home of the afterlife –

The good – the grace.

The names of people (that are in Hell) who in the Holy Quran

as will The Holy Quran mentions people whose notables will be in Hell:

Pharaoh .

also Noah’s wife.

Lot’s wife.

and also Abu Lahab.

learn Quran online

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