Do you want to delve deep into the oceans of meanings of the Holy Quran?
Do you want to learn more about the miraculous secrets of the Holy Book?
Do you want to teach your spouse and children more about the Revelation?
Do you want to do higher studies about the Quran?
Do you want to have a better understanding of what you read in the Holy Quran?
Do you want to live in the company of the Holy Quran, day and night?
If you are so interested in the above, we can definitely help you achieve this through this  specially tailored course.
If you want to understand more deeply the verses, the suras and the sections,Juz’s of the Holy Quran, this is the most appropriate course for you.
With this course, you will end up having a clearer understanding of the meanings of the words of Allah.


Complete memorising the Ammah Section, Juz’ Amma.
Pass the assessment test.


Sessions depend on your free time.
Trial sessions before joining the course.
Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
All our instructors are native speakers of Arabic and graduates of al-Azhar university.
Oral quizzes will be done during the course to check progress of the students.
Certain Thematic Arabic videos focusing on the Quranic words will be recommended to the students.
Modern approach will be adopted to develop your Arabic learning, i.e. interactive websites, games…..etc.
All lectures will be based on “one-one sessions, however we may arrange some group meetings with all the students to facilitate broader conversation and better understanding of the Holy Quran and its meanings. This will enable everyone to share their knowledge and experience in learning the Holy Quran.
This will benefit the students and will be based on what they prefer as well as the teacher.
Books used will mainly focus on the topic and the Quranic skills.
The course will be customised based on why you are learning Quranic words. If you want to learn them for memorization, for example, we will take care of that and the course will focus on your memorizing needs.


1 : Learn a lot of the Quranic words.
2 : Listen to and understand as much of the Quran as possible.
3 : Taste and recognise the meanings and shadow meanings of the Quran.
4 : Improve your taste of the Arabic language as much as possible.
5 : Use your understanding and knowledge of the Quranic words in other branches of the Quranic studies, like tafseer and tajweed.
6 : Easily move to a higher level of studying and memorising the Holy Quran.
7 : Contemplate and reflect on the miracles of the Holy Quran, the word of Allah.