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“raising children in Islam” Having children is one of the greatest blessings and joys a human, The offspring is what gives life its meaning. 

so To know such a privilege well, as Almighty Allah says “ They are the ornament of worldly life.”  one should look at the life of the childless people and animals. 

And so Many childless people feel like they were orphans despite their old age and maturity. It is almost unbearable to feel fruitless, rootless and deprived. 

 So A lot of such people lose interest in life itself, they live in absolute lonliness, also feeling it as  void and not worthy living ,They just count their days of “

the labour and suffering punishment sentence” they are spending on this earth, waiting for the train of death” . 


having children is not an end to suffering . “Raising children in Islam

having children is not an end for suffering, troubles, Rather, it is a beginning for all the above and more 

So from the side-effects of this increasingly growing difficult , problem of parent-child unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. 

Such an alarming phenomenon has many interrelated causes and effects, It is too simple and naive to claim that it is a modern-time problem 

to see such deep and threatening differences in mentality , and perspective among parents and their relevant children.


Previous stories and sayings  . RAISING CHILDREN IN ISLAM

but  Since the earliest times of humans living on this earth, we have seen this change of generations ’ conduct and relationships. 

The two sons of Adam , Cain and Abel were soon to forget their father’s upbringing and get in a deadly struggle out of envy and greed. 

This bitter struggle ended up in the first murder against humanity and tragedy , This was when Cain killed his brother Abel.

Also There is another example of father-child disagreement. 

We meet this example in the story of prophet Noah , who spent whole centuries calling his people for the worship of Allah alone. 

Surprisingly enough, it was Noah’s own son who disbelieved his father rejecting the right call, and deviating from the right path. 

However, the merciful father, Noah, pitied his ungrateful son and didn’t want the son to meet the lethal fate of drowning in the forthcoming Flood. 

So, Noah was quick to ask Allah for the survival of the faulty son. 

So The reply was fast and decisive, “Noah, your son is not a part of your folk, he is a wrong deed”

Nevertheless, children have not always been the butt of criticism and the only party to blame. 


the story of prophet Ibrahim . RAISING CHILDREN IN ISLAM

we see the opposite , It is Ibrahim who is right to reject the faulty way of his “father” and uncle, who worshiped useless idols, and even sold them. 

Yet, Ibrahim was merciful enough to promise to ask Allah to forgive his elderly people. 

so From the above, we see that it is not the question of who has come first into being, a child or a parent , Rather, it is the question of who is right and who is wrong . 

Also to blame, One last’s thing to observe. 

so the wise saying of the  companion, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib

“ Don’t try to conquer your children, by trying to control them, They belong to a different generation, time, from yours.”


the main question

we come back to the main question, Why do we increasingly see an ever widening gap between parents and their children

To try to handle such a challenging question, we should acknowledge some simple facts. 

First, the parties involved in this question may be the parents, the children and the age they live in. 

Parents should rationally know that they are the parents of their children, not the owners of them. 

In other words, they have a responsibility to bear, and a role to play. 

Similarly, they should always remember that they are older, more experienced and wiser than their children

Also Likewise, parents should always bear in mind that their children are independent humans thay  have their own privacy as well as independent identity. 

Parents should never be too pushy, imposing their viewpoints nilly on their childrens, Instead of preaching, advocating, blaming and reproaching, 

Also, parents must maintain dialogue with their children, It is an effective method to adopt the technique of convincing

And also through meaningful dialogues, discussion, affection and mutual understanding

Parents should never forget that their children are ever growing, not just physically, but spiritually, mentally and even psychologically. 

So In the process of growing and maturity, children have their never ending needs. 

And parents should be fully aware of their natural role and play such a role in the most efficient way.



The Numerous challenges

 with numerous challenges ,The rhythm and tempo of life is madly fast. 

Despite being an age of social networking, but the technology of the age forces people to be increasingly secluded and isolated, 

So living in an atmosphere of loneliness which results in melancholy, depression and worry. 

A junior seldom smiles or seems to enjoy life. 

where family members are psychologically far apart, though they might be living in the same house and under. 

be fully aware that happiness lies in the spiritual side of life, not just in fulfilling the materialistic side only. 

The culture and philosophy of giving and caring for others may be the remedy in such cases. 

So we found that A person who lives only for themselves, is seldom happy.

It gives humans more pleasure to live and care for others, not only to be those selfish, uncaring and  creatures .


Negative effect

Equally important element or factor of the problem is the age and the circumstances the juniors are living in. 

Life tends to be stressful, meaningless and void, This makes a human lose interest in everything. 

Also, the mass media and social networking sites teem with disappointing and unfavorable examples of junior suffering everywhere. 

So This creates a situation where role models disappear,  and the positive values have no significance for the young generation. 

So restlessness increases and deepens inside the young people day by day. 

This creates and coincides with the painful misunderstanding between young people and their parents.




it is a painful status quo we are witnessing currently, The problem is really serious,  It is worthwhile to find a rapid solution for it. 

It needs a sincere effort to try to solve it.

The contemporary age we are living in has provided us with undeniable comfort, and ironically.

deprived us of the dearest thing, it happiness.

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