Sacrifice and dedication is a culture in Islam … learn Quran online

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In Islam, sacrifice and devotion are the title of life 

A Muslim may reach what he loves in this world Likewise, … learn Quran online

a Muslim, by obedience to Allah, can reach what he loves in this world and the hereafter 

Sacrifice and dedication leads to sincerity 

and We Muslims must learn how to love Islam To know what sacrifice and sincerity 

Human support for the other in general is an important factor 

and Support creates a good life for everyone

so we Muslims should always have dedication and sacrifice in our lives 

Because humanity is in dire need of someone to help it

So we Muslims should learn Quran

learn Quran online


Paul Born in 1971 

in Surry, south-east of England .

and Paul  was a  non religious Irish man who had little interest in religion, 

learn Quran online

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Paul’s journey to Islam… learn Quran online

Paul knew about Islam from his wife, 

and His wife who did a lot of charity work without expecting a reward. so This removed many of the misconceptions about Islam that Paul had.

and Paul was greatly surprised by his wife’s dedication.

It took him six months of search into Islam till he embraced the religion.

and Paul converted to Islam in 2017.

and Paul  Works as a legal advisor for commercial enterprises, a social  converted to Islam in 2017.activist and a supporter of the Muslim communities.

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After Islam PAUL… learn Quran online

His family and friends welcomed his reversion to Islam, being open- minded people who trusted his judgment.

but People have no clear idea about Islam, so he corrects it as much as he could.

It is natural that some Muslims misbehave, 

but there must be a distnction between Muslims and Islam.

and The news hardly presents positive images, 

so he decided not to follow it any more. 

Because Paul wants to have his own judgment.

Because of the support he receives from family and friend

so PAUL didn’t feel the usual loneliness new reverts feel

learn Quran online

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