Safia bint Huyay

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The lady of bani al-Nadhir


The studies of the Holy Quran and islamic studies assure us that Safia bint Huyay was prophet Mohammad’s wife number nine. She was previously a Jew. Her father was called Huyay ibn Akhtab, one of the Jew scholars. She was a beautiful young lady. She had been previously married twice. In the sixth year after the prophet’s migration to al-Madina, Muslims attacked the Jewish stronghold of Khaibar. The jews had been causing the Muslims great harm. They violated all the accords and agreements with Muslims. Therefore, prophet Mohammad decided to punish them for their treachery and plotting against Muslims. After a long siege, Muslims were able to conquer the Jewish stronghold at Khaibar. The Muslims killed the male Jews and took their women and children as war captives. 

Prophet Mohammad married Safia bint Huyay:

Studying the Holy Quran and islamic studies makes us know that After controlling the Jewish fort and stronghold, Safia was shaking with fear seeing her relatives dead. When sge met prophet Mohammad, she tried to look strong and courageous. However, Safia was scared to death. Seeing her so, prophet Mohammad cast a dress to cover her . All the prophet’s companions knew that it was a clear sign that prophet Mohammad chose Safia as his wife. As soon as she knew that prophet Mohammad chose her as his wife, Safia told prophet Mohammad about her old dream. Safia had dreamt that a moon fell into her lap. When she told her previous Jewish husband about her dream, the Jewish husband interpreted it that Safia would marry prophet Mohammad

Seeing the bride and her memories:

after marrying prophet mohammad, safia embraced islam and became a devout muslim. She told prophet mohammad about the jews. she told him that the jews knew very well that mohammad was a true prophet. however, they were too arrogant to admit it. knowing that prophet mohammad accepted present, a jewish woman plotted against the prophet’s life. the woman knew that prophet mohammad liked to eat the shoulder of sheep, the woman cooked one and poisoned its shoulder. the woman presented the cooked poisoned sheep to the prophet. the prophet knew it was poisoned. therefore, he did not eat it. one of the prophet’s companions ate it and died. when questioned why she did it, the woman said that if mohammad was a true prophet, he would know it. otherwise, he would eat and die. 

Safia bint Huyay

Safia at the prophet’s house:

At first, prophet Mohammad married Safia in a house away from the mosque. Later, prophet Mohammad moved her to live with his other wives. When Aisha saw Safia, she realized how beautiful Safia was. Aisha was very jealous of her beauty. bint Huyay was very intelligent. Therefore, she was neutral and did not align with any of the prophet’s other wives. She tried to maintain good relations with everyone. Nevertheless, the prophet’s wives tried to tease her by calling her a “Jew”. Therefore, she complained to prophet Mohammad that his other wives said they were better than herself. 

The prophet teaches Safia how to reply:

When Safia complained to prophet Mohammad about his wives’ speech, prophet Mohammad asked her to boast over the other wives. He asked Safia to say that her husband, Mohammad, was a prophet. Her father, Haroun, was a prophet. her uncle, Mousa was also a prophet. She loved prophet Mohammad truly. When prophet Mohammad got ill, Safia said she wished to be ill instead of him. However, people accused her of loving the Jews and Saturday. She defended herself saying that the jews were her relatives. As for Saturday, she said she never had special feelings towards Saturday since she embraced Islam

The end of Safia’s life:

Safia lived for long after prophet Mohammad’s death. During the Uthman ibn Affan crisis, Safia did her best to help the Muslim Khalifa by providing him and his household with food and drink during the siege. She died at al-Madina in the year fifty after the prophet’s migration to al-Madina. This was in the reign of Muwayya ibn Abi Suffian. Safia was buried at al-baqi’ graveyard. Safia had narrated a lot of the prophet’s hadith. One day, the other wives of the prophet mentioned Safia in a bad manner, prophet Mohammad asked his wives to rinse their mouths as a sign of repentance.  

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