Sawda bint Zama’a

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Sawda bint Zama", a The migrant widow of the migrant

“By Allah, I am not keen on marriage, however I want to be resurrected as your wife.”


 Sawada bint Zama’a was one of the prophet’s wives. In Islamic studies, Muslim students learn about the prophet’s wives. After the death of Khadija, prophet Mohammad felt very lonely. The prophet’s companions watched and felt that loneliness. However, they dare not speak to prophet Mohammad about his marrying again. Once, a female companion, Khawlah bint Hakim, visited prophet Mohammad and suggested two women for marriage; one of them was Sawdah bint Zama’a. Prophet Mohammad did not mind Sawdah, especially because she was urgently required to look after the prophet’s orphan daughters.

The matchmaker at work:

Sawda bint Zama’a

In their study of the Holy Quran and Islamic studies, Muslims know that Sawda bint Zama’a was a virtuous woman. Khawlah, the matchmaker, went straight to Sawda’s house and told her her mind. At once, Sawda consented and asked Khawlah to tell Sawda’s father. Khawlah told the father that prophet Mohammad wanted to marry his daughter, Sawda. Immediately, the father agreed. Sawda’s father invited prophet Mohammad to discuss the proposal and complete the marriage. 

Migration and being a widow:

The news spread in Makkah that prophet Mohammad wanted to marry Sawda. People could hardly believe it. Sawda was an old widow. Moreover, she was not very beautiful. Sawda and her deceased husband had traveled and migrated to Abyssinia for the sake of Islam and the Holy  Qurqn. During this migration, Sawda’s husband died. Prophet Mohammad agreed to marry Sawda after her husband’s death so as to help the poor old widow. 

“I have forsaken my night to Aisha”:

Islamic studies say that overnight, Sawda became the prophet’s wife. She was both happy and worried. She found herself in a difficult comparison with the memory of lady Khadija and the robust youth of Aisha. Therefore, she was satisfied with living with prophet Mohammad and caring for his daughters. It was a great honor for Sawda to be one of the mothers of the believers. Sawda was kind and naive. Sawda went on looking after the prophet’s daughters. When Aisha, the prophet’s new wife arrived, Sawda was keen on pleasing Aisha. This was to please prophet Mohammad. More new wives arrived at the prophet’s house later on. Sawda was content living with prophet Mohammad peacefully

Prophet Mohammad offers to divorce Sawda:

The  Holy Quran and the Islamic studies tackled the issue of the prophet’s wives, When prophet Mohammad saw that Sawda was emotionally deprived because of her old age, he offered her a divorce out of pitying her. When she heard the news, Sawda asked prophet Mohammad not to divorce her and let her night go on as his wife. She told prophet Mohammad that all she wanted was to be resurrected as the prophet’s wife after her death. Sawda told prophet Mohammad that she was too old to care for the joys of marriage. It was the prophet’s routine to spend a night with one of his wives. Therefore, she decided to give away her night to Aisha.

Sawda’s last last days and death:

Thruogh the Islamic studies and the Holy Quran, we can  see how prophet Mohammad treated his wives. Prophet Mohammad kept Sawda as one of his wives till he died. She was a devout Muslim who was keen on her worship. Sawda lived till the end of Omar’s reign. Sawda died at that time. Aisha kept remembering Sawda for her virtues, generosity, favors  and good conduct. 

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