Standard Arabic

About this course

  • A program that will help you master the Arabic language in all it is aspects whether speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • our program covers all levels of Arabic whether you are a starter or advanced.
  • The content of The program can be adjusted to match your level and is based on A native experienced Arabic speaker per one. This will help you develop firstly.
  • such a course will give you the chance to speak to your tutor on a daily basis.
  • All of this will help you reach the ultimate goal of mastering Arabic.
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In this course you will study the suitable syllabus for you such as:

  • AlArabiya byna yadika
  • Madinah books
  • Hand writing book
  • Key to Arabic
  • Getway to Arabic
  • Arabic without tears
  • Noor Albayan
  • Media Arabic
  • The connector
  • IQRA Arabic reader
  • I love Arabic

Before this course, you will need to:

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Read newspapers and understand them correctly. Watch Arabic Television Channels to know the latest news.- Know Arabic cultures, habits, and customs to be conscious of who you are dealing with.
    – Deal with vital organization as (police stations, courts, universities, hospitals,…etc.).
    – Deal in Arabic during your travels to Arabic countries whether with other passengers or with the travel employees.
    –  Deal with people or employees in restaurants, universities, or hospitals in Arabic countries by standard Arabic.
    Speak fluently in Arabic about yourself, your profession, your country, your social life, your cultural life, and the most important deals you have done or you would like to do in the country you are in.
    – Deal with all the sales people whether in clothes stores, presents stores, bags stores, restaurants, …etc.
    – Deal with all kinds of transportations, whether you are renting a private car, taking a subway, taxi, bus, or a train.

    * Sessions depend on your free time
    * Trial session before joining.
    * Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
    * All our instructors are native Arabic speakers who completed The Educational General Diploma for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.