Surrounding environment and Islam…Learn Quran online

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Islam has nothing to do with the environment surrounding people … learn Quran online

People who are close to a bad environment, are somehow far from Islam and its teachings … learn Quran online

And people far from the bad environment, close in some way to Islam and its teachings

But the matter may be different and Islam reaches the people who are in those bad environments

As guidance arrived to our master Moses, peace be upon him, in the house of Pharaoh

We Muslims must learn Islam well by learning the Quran and its teachings

Also To convey it to people in all parts of the earth

People thirst their souls for Islam and the life that makes it

learn Quran online


ABDUL-KAREEMK was Born  in 1981.

in London

A youth guide and a social activist.

ABDUL-KAREEMK’s  mother was a Muslim

but ABDUL-KAREEMK’s  father was not a believer.

learn Quran online

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ABDUL-KAREEMK  district has a bad reputation

ABDUL-KAREEMK  district hosting many law breakers.  

and ABDUL KAREEMK’s mother tried to protect him till the age of four.

So Abdul Karim after he grew up, Abdul Karim was drawn into a bad life of crime.

Abdul Karim got into a lot of trouble.

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ABDUL KAREEMK Journey to Islam learn Quran online

A friend of ABDUL-KAREEMK went to prison where he converted to Islam

and also A friend of ABDUL-KAREEMK began to talk to ABDUL-KAREEMK about Islam.

so The friend took ABDUL-KAREEMK to the mosque

where ABDUL-KAREEMK attended the Friday prayer.

Abdul Karim entered Islam to escape from a bad life on the street.

so Abdul Karim Karim converted to Islam

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The best of you are those who learn and teach the Quranlearn Quran online

This is what the Messenger of Allah , Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, 

 Learning the Quran is the only way to know Islam The Quran Noor al-Din and the Hereafter 

so We must learn the Quran to help people live a dignified life

 Because Islam benefits all people, believer and non-believer

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