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How does the Aalim book attract kids?

Kids are excellent learners. They are very adaptable. Kids can take up new ideas and information very easily. When it is a matter of learning the Holy Quran, kids can learn and memorize the Holy Quran very efficiently.

   How can kids acquire a new language?

    Kids can learn a foreign language faster than we can imagine. They keep building up their vocabulary as long as their watchful minds and their hungry imagination works. Kids keep experimenting and trying every possible grammatical, lexical and semantic structure. The linguistic conduct of a kid may be funny. We may laugh at the way a kid tries to express themselves. However, it is a very serious process a kid is going through. A kid may silently observe how elderly people use the language and imitate them. The kid keeps trying and making mistakes; meanwhile the same kid tries to adjust and correct themselves all the time.

The Aalim book methodology and kids:

 Prepared at the hands of specialist educationalists, the Aalim book observes the talents and the educational needs of kids. Colors and designs appeal very much to kids. Simplicity and clarity make it easy for kids to learn. Incentives and reinforcement spur kids learning faculties. The need to be recognized pushes a kid to make achievements while learning. The sense of progress and success drives a kid to learn more and more. The religious feeling of commitment and righteousness makes the kid eager to learn more.

The Aalim book and a kid’s psychological needs:

 A lot of kids can memorize the Holy Quran as a whole. There is a wise saying which states: Learning in childhood is like carving on a stone. However, learning in adulthood is like drawing on the surface of water. This is very true with kids. When you teach a kid something, kids take interest in whatever they are learning. However, the presentation of the subject matter is everything for kids. This is simply what the Aalim book takes into consideration. The subject matter of the Aalim book is presented in the most interesting way. 

How does the Aalim book work?

The colors in the Aalim book are attractive for kids. Kids can easily learn that the black color represents the short syllables. The explanation is that the Aalim book shows kids that the short syllables are in the black color. The Aalim book shows the kids that the long syllables are in the red color. So kids learn that a consonant followed by one of the Madd letters is in red color. Also, when kids see the blue color, they know that the blue letters are either (Sakin) or (Tanween) letters. Kids notice that Sakin letters don’t have a Fatihah, a Kasra or a Damma on them. Also, when a kid sees a final letter is the blue color, the kid realizes that such a final blue letter has a (Tanween) on it. So, the kid pronounced that final letter with (Tanween).

    The more a kid learns, the clearer the book is:

        The next following chapters of the Aalim book talk about the Mushaddad letters. First, kids learn that a Mushaddad letter is a double consonant letter. The kid knows that the first letter of the double letters is a Sakin letter. The latter letter has a short Harakat; either Fatihah, Kasra or a Dammah. That is why the kid learns that there is a Shaddah with Fatiha, a Shaddah with Kasra and a Shaddah with Dammah. It is easy for the kid to recognize the Mushaddad syllable because it is in light green color.

        More colors, more learning:

      Colors appeal a lot to kids. Colors are a good means to convey information to kids. So, the Aalim book uses the dark green color to show the long Mushaddad syllables and long syllables with Tanween. So, whenever a kid sees the dark green color, the kid is trained to pronounce the long Mushaddad syllables and the Mushaddad syllables with Tanween. When it comes to the silent syllables, the kid sees the orange color. So, whenever a kid sees the orange syllable, the kid knows that such an orange syllable is a silent one. So the kid doesn’t pronounce these orange syllables.

The Aalim book is for kids

1- Who wrote and pre prepared the Aalim book?

A team of specialists wrote and prepared the Aalim book.

2- Who does the Aalim book appeal to in particular?

The Aalim book appeals to kids in particular.

3- What teaching aids does the Aalim book use?

The Aalim book uses colors and tables as teaching aids for kids.

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