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1- Eaalim Institute


One of the most famous institutes in the field of online teaching worldwide. The institute was founded first in England in 2012 and afterward it was moved to Egypt ,the country of Al-Azhar, where thousands of students go from all over the world to learn the true Islam. They are interested in teaching non-Arabic speakers Muslims all over the world seeking Allah’s satisfaction , before any financial matters.


The institute provides students with experienced qualified male and female teachers ,most of whom have graduated from Al-Azhar University and  who are ever ready to pass their knowledge to their dear brothers and sisters students. They teach the Quran , Tajweed ,Arabic Language and Islamic studies. A new student gets ,at first, to trials for free to choose the suitable teacher to study with. They have a professional support team who are ready to help with any problems. A monthly plan is sent to the student to show them what they will study during the course. They follow up with the parents and always inform them about their children and ask for their feedback regularly so that they can present better service.


feedback of students

Quran classes online with native”

Subject :  Feedback
Date28/03/2013 08:03 PM
studentHalimah Bello

Assalamu alaikum 

Masha Allah, was a fantastic lesson.

Subject :  Feedback
Date28/03/2013 08:03 PM
studentHalimah Bello

I feel I am ready to memorize the surahs I revised with confidence that my tajweed is on point. It has also got me into taking an interest in the Qur’an which is always a bonus! Keep up the good work. I wish I had met my teacher sooner. But alhamdulillah it’s better late than never. Was salaam

2- Be Quran


Be Quran is a specialized educational organization. They aim to build a new generation that will be aware of their religion methods and affected, by the behaviors of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


We teach Arabic Language,Quran with tajweed and Islamic studies.


We charge monthly & yearly basis at the start of every month or year and in-advance.

The fees mentioned are charged monthly or yearly, Fee is charged as USA $ .

3- Madinah Arabic tuition center


The benefits of learning with Tuition Centre:

1- Learn from the comfort of your home or at work – only a mic, PC and Use our online Courseviewer application to view the lessons / materials with your teacher. 

2- All levels and ages of students are welcome.

3- They teach individuals (1 to 1 tuition) and organisations (on request) and it’s difficult to find more competitive lesson prices on the internet, yet our quality of teachers is outstanding.

4- Leading edge technology – booking system allowing scheduling and communication with your teacher.

5- Over 50 male and female teachers.

6- Teachers with a broad range of experience. We hire the best teachers from the Middle East with work experience including the top language centres.

4- Studio Arabiya Institute


Studio Arabiya was established in 2011 and has quickly become one of the best institutes in the field of online teaching.

Studio Arabiya teaches both online and live in Egypt. Studio provides high quality education and dedected teachers.


Studio Arabiya provides teachers and trainers with qualifying graduates to be the best Arabic and Quran teachers .

They provide employment opportunities for the best teachers .

They provide the highest quality of learning to non-native students.

5- Al-dirassa center.


Al dirassa center is an institute specialized in online tuition of the literal Arabic language ,the memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran as well as the Islamic sciences by distance courses via skype and zoom.

You can rely on Al-dirassa center to study different types of Arabic cources online . The institute offers wide range Arabic courses,Quran courses Islmic studies   

and kids courses .You can choose a suitable one based on your preferenses .


6- Riwaq Al-Azhar


The institute has male & female teachers who are highly qualified and most of them have experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers.They teach all kinds of students; boys,girls,kids and adults.


Your first two classes are free.

You never miss any benefit. They make up classes in case of earlier notice.

They refund your money if you are not satisfied with any of your classes.

You get a monthly report so that you can check the progress of your children as well as your own.

They are available 24 hours a day.They teach Quran, Arabic language , Islamic studies and they have Ijaza program. 


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