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The best online teachers.

   In an authentic famous Hadithprophet Mohammad said “I was sent but a teacher.” In another famous authentic Hadith,                  
prophet Mohammad said: “ All the creatures on earth, even the whales in the deep ocean and the ants on their rocks ask Allah to forgive those who teach others good things.” Teachers and men of knowledge are the heirs of the prophet who left no wealth or fortune. Prophets left us knowledge, who attain knowledge own really good treasures, the prophet also says.

is a teacher born or made

     This is truly a good and tough question to tackle. In the first place, the job of a teacher is a challenging one. It is not just a means to make a living. Teaching is a talent and a hobby. Teaching is a game in which teachers play the role of a sender. A   student plays the role of a receiver. However, it is not a one way communication. It is interaction rather than communication.   This means that a teacher creates a humane bond with their   students. There should be mutual love and respect between   a  teacher and their student. The atmosphere where a teacher and their students interact should be a positive one. The student should love both the teacher as well as the subject matter they are learning. Similarly, the teacher themselves should love their job, their subject matter as well as the students they are teaching. This can apply to all teachers and students of all subjects.

Why teachers of the Holly Quran


    Aspiring for the reward of Allah along with worldly benefit, some people teach the Holy Quran online. It is a good field to work in. A teacher of the Holy Quran can gain a lot of rewards from their Lord. This is a current alms. This means that as long as the student is alive and benefits from the knowledge they have learnt, the reward goes to the teacher inshallah. So, bearing in mind the significant role they play, a teacher of the Holy Quran should dedicate their work primarily and only to Allah. Also, the  teacher of the Holy Quran, especially online, should know very well that their brother and fellow Muslim student takes them as their Muslim brother who links them with their dear faith and religion of Islam. In such a case the teacher is more like a role model than a mere teacher of the Holy Quran.

Who do E-aalim make their own teachers

The E-aalimknow very well that being an online teacher of the Holy Quran is not an easy job. So, E-aalim have their own HR department who are responsible for choosing and preparing their applicant and candidate teachers to be efficient ones onlineThe E-aalim carefully choose their teachers amongst       al-Azhar graduates. Then they test their applicant in Tajweed, English and Islamic studiesThe e-aalim hold interviews to test the candidates’ and the applicants’ knowledge concerning Tajweed and their communication skills in English. Unless an applicant is good and efficient in both Tajweed and communication in English, the applicant undergoes courses in Tajweed and the English language. This is to upgrade the applicant and make them employable at E-aalimE-aalim organizes weekly and monthly training courses for their teachers to attend. In these training courses teachers know and learn the latest trends in online teaching. This makes a   teacher aware of the latest developments in the field of online teaching. Moreover, teachers at E-aalim have a good background of Islamic studies which enables them to provide their students with the necessary Islamic knowledge which they may lack. 

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