The danger of drugs to Societies and Muslim society

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Drugs and their effects on society and its members also Muslim society.

Decidedly Drug addiction which casts its dark shadows over all the society and Muslim society members recently has serious consequences. 
but the question that we have to shed light upon is to think deeply of finding final
and also smart solutions to put an end to this phenomenon. 
also owing to sickly endings that addiction led and will lead to particularly on the rising generation
who are still innocent. Muslim society

Muslim society

Where is the family? Muslim society

That generation in society is in urgent need of those who could stand to give them absolute and endless support. 
that could pave the way widely for them and pick them up from this frightening swamp
which will ultimately drive them into a dead end. 
as a result of negligence in some families and inadvertence of some helpless families.

Muslim society

Where is the role of societies?

especially amid tough tests of the modern life entre society that had left enormous effect over all community members
and taken them away from each other , where many members have been forced to leave their native land nilly 
leaving their children behind them free from and without observation , in  others. 
they have given them the rein to do , this not because they want their children to live under these tough times
but the severe circumstances set them apart from their beloved ones.
Muslim society

Muslim society

What should we do? Muslim society

Consequently, all the meant parties starting from the state’s institutions , Governmental the Non Governmental organizations
and ending in both damaged families and non – damaged families to work side by side. 
to contain current threats resulting from devastating dissemination of drug addiction, through launching  instructive
and constructive campaigns on all the soft power means to enlighten all the citizens in our country wherever
they are and wherever they go and raise the awareness with all its forms and exert tirelessly efforts to eradicate
this chronic question before things come over head.  
As long as we are all in charge of the unity and safety of our society and our society members also Muslim society
we have to undertake the sustainable protection and the entire care by facing any outer interventions strictly and firmly.        


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