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  Who are we, “ Eaalim ”? Quran online

Eaalim is an electronic enterprise concerned with everything related to Islam and Quran online

as a religion, a culture and a way of life.

Eaalim has diverse activities, rendering multiple services.

These services revolve mainly around Arabic and the Holy Quran.

E-Aalim focuses on teaching Arabic to Muslims living in non-Muslim countries.

It also teaches Quran , Tajweed, Tafseer, Muslim ways of worship, Muslim etiquette,

the prophet’s biography, i.e. Serah, etc.

Quran online

Quran online

 Why has E-Aalim created its own Chat?

Owing to the difficulties facing the other and similar institutes in connecting students

and teachers together, Eaalim has decided to create its own Chat.

It is a solution in the field of  “ Learn the Holy Quran Online ”.

This is to solve problems and help students and teachers They can do so at any time, without delay.

also to enable the teachers to send whatever subject matter to the students.

This is of course within the boundaries of the institute’s policy which organizes the work and relations.

This way, Eaalim has become the first institute to create its own Chat to bring both the students and the teachers together.

Quran online

Quran online

    HOW TO USE THE CHAT ?Quran online

 This chat is easy to use.

Each student is sent a user name or password, as long as the student is registered in the institute.

After getting into the student’s personal account, the student finds

the teacher and chats together whenever the student wishes to do so.

Quran online

 THE   FEEDBACK : Quran online

 Eaalim has a call center to receive the feedback of their targeted clients and students.

There are many ways to send your feedback, either via email, phone calls or just visiting our website.

all your comments and viewpoints are certainly the subject of our greatest care and interest.

So. don’t hesitate to call us and give your feedback.

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  • zohaib waqas

    The Holy Quran siginficance clearly when the believers engage in the battle to steadfast fast against the disbelievers , Allah be Exalted in this connection addresses the believers saying, “ O you who have believed when you meet those who disbelieve advancing [for battle ] . do not turn to them your backs [in fight].

  • kamran muhammad

    Allah be Exalted through the Holy Quran set a good example for us about one of the most marvellous similarities in another creation of [this] worldly life , He says in His dear Book ,”The example of this worldly life is but like rain which we have sent down from the sky that the plants of the earht a absorb [those] from which men and lifestock eat

  • javed haider

    The Holy Quran’s significance stems from the spiritual impact upon our behaviour and our pace of life which determine our dynamic contribution in applying it and working with its teachings.

  • asif abdullah

    Thus the Holy Quran has given us detailed facts and knowledge about the globe we live in and eaplain logically why did Almighty Allah has set out everything in order to seek great grant from our Lord who is the Only One able to manage the whole universe meticulously .

  • waleed adeel

    Continuing for the disbelievers’ disobedience and obstination the Holy Quran says , they say “or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed or you bring Allah and the angels before [us] or you have a house of gold n or you ascend into the sky .”

  • anas kashif

    Almighty Allah also explained to the prophet [PBUH] and His companions concerning killing the disbelievers to show them His ability over everything and they are just reason but the real doer is Allah be Exalted and Glorified , He says , “ And you did not kill them , but it was who killed them .

  • zain atif

    Almighty Allah in the Noble Quran rest assured His Messenger [PBUH] saying , “ Ta,Ha. we have not sent down to you the Quran that you be distressed. “

  • arshad mohsin

    Doubtless the Noble Quran plays a private part Muslims ‘ worldly life and the life to come .

  • arham ayan

    The Noble Quran is the only way to lead a lovely life for all Muslims because it forms strong relationships between Allah the Almighty and His servants .

  • aqib shayan

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified describes them saying, “ in their hearts is disease , so Allah has increased their disease , and for them is a painful punishment because they habitually used to lie .and this their recompense for all evil deeds and lies upon Allah and His Messenger [PBUH].