The favor of the month of Rajab

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 The  favor of the month of Rajab is great. Rajab is one of the four prohibited months. By prohibited it is meant to forbid all acts of aggression during these months. Arabs raided each other a lot before islam. Therefore, there was a bad need for truces all year around. That is why the idea of the prohibited four months arose.

 Like the other three prohibited months, Rajab should be dedicated to the mention of allah. Moreover, muslims shouldn;t be unjust to each other, especially in the four prohibited months; and consequently in the month of rajab.

Fasting during the month of Rajab:

Prophet Mohammad used to go fasting a lot. However, there was no specific importance for the month of Rajab. Similarly, there is no specific celebration during the nights of the month of Rajab. However, a lot of Muslims think that the incident of al-Isra and al-Miraj took place in the month of Rajab. Therefore, a lot of Muslims celebrate the occasion on the twenty-seventh of Rajab.

A lot of Muslim scholars do not believe in the speciality of the month of Rajab. There is no favor for the month of Rajab other than the fact that it is one of the four prohibited months.

The incident of al-Isra and al-Miraj:

Al-Isra and Al-Miraj

Al-Isra and Al-Miraj is a very important incident in the Sera and the Islamic history. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran. A lot of Muslim scholars believe that it occurred on the twenty-seventh of the month of Rajab. However, other scholars argue that there is no religious reason for celebrating the occasion. They say that such celebrations are detested innovations in islam. They add that prophet Mhammad did not celebrate it himself. Moreover, they say, the four rightly guided Khalifas did not celebrate it either. Such scholars assure that a Muslim shouldn’t celebrate the incident of al-Isra and al-Miraj, especially when the early centuries following the century of prophet Mohammad did not celebrate it.

Important incidents in islamic history in Rajab:

The first Muslim immigration to Abyssinia:

 When the Quraish saw the increase in the number of the Muslim followers of prophet Mohammad, they tortured and prosecuted the companions of the prophet. The prophet’s first companions were mainly weak . They complained to the prophet about what they 

were suffering, prophet Mohammad didn’t mind their migration to Abbyssinia to escape the torment of Quraish. Abbyssinia was a favorable safe haven to Muslims, because the ruler there was a kind and a humane one. This immigration took place after five years of prophethood.

The military expedition of Nakhla:

Prophet Mohammad sent this expedition to the land of Nakhla. The prophet’s companion, Abdallah ibn Jahsh al-Asadi led this campaign. This happened a few months after the prophet’s migration to Madina. During this campaign, aya 217, surah al-Baqara was revealed.

The Battle of Tabuk:

   On the first day of the month of Rajab, the 9th., year after al-Hijira, this battle took place. It is also called the battle of Austerity. This was because Muslims were facing tough times at that time. Othman ibn Aafan could afford funding one third of the Muslim army in that battle. Abu Bakr donated all his money for this purpose. Omar ibn al-Khattab donated half his money in the cause of Allah. The hypocrites failed to join in this battle on purpose. A few true Muslims failed to join in too. They included Ka’b ibn al-Rabee’, Hilal ibn Umayyah, Abu Khaimah, and Mararah ibn al-Rabee.

Prophet Mohammad announced Al-Najashi's death.

   Al-Najashi was the good ruler of Abyssinia who hosted the Muslims who had fled to his country. They wanted to escape the torture and prosecution of Quraish. He vowed to shelter the migrants after he had heard the verses of the Holy Quran which praised both Jesus Christ and his mother, Virgin Mary. Prophet Mohammad and his companions prayed the funeral prayer on his soul , considering al-Najash as a Muslim. This was in year 9 after the prophet’s migration to Madina.

The Ascension and the Night Journey:

   In the year 8 after prophethood and the first revelation, prophet Mohammad lost both his first wife Khadija and his supporting uncle Abu Talib. They both died in the same year. Also, prophet Mohammad was disappointed at the rejection of Quraish to his call. So he decided to go to al-Taif to call its inhabitants to embrace Islam. They too rejected Islam and treated prophet Mohammad very badly. To relieve prophet Mohammad, Allah invited him to go on the journey of al-Isra’ and al-Mi’raj. This was also in the lunar month of Rajab, 8th., year of prophethood.

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