The first days in the desert

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The first days in the desert for baby Mohammad were remarkable. When a kid is newly born, It almost knows nothing about what is going on around them. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Allah has brought you out of your mothers’ wombs; you know then know nothing. Then Allah supplies you with the ability of seeing and hearing.” However, Allah cares for and protects these fragile creatures all the time.

The first days in the desert

The poor wet nurse picks the orphan baby:

The Islamic studies teachers and online tutors teach their kid and adult students that Aminah, the prophet’s mother, gave birth to prophet Mohammad. The best online seerah and Islamic studies teachers teach their kid and adult students that when Aminah had given birth, she sent a word to Abdul-Muttalib to go to see his newly born grandson. When the old man arrived, he took the baby and made tawaf around al-Kaba and gave the baby the name of Mohammad

The first days in the desert

Following the tribal customs:

The wet nurses who lived outside Makkah came to pick the newly born kids from the rich people of Makkah to suckle them for money. Amongst the wet nurses, there was Halima al-Sadia, a poor woman who hoped to pick a kid whose parents were rich enough to pay her. She was weak on a weak slow donkey. All the rich people refused to give her their kids. Only the poor orphan kid Mohammad was there for her to pick. She had no choice except for picking the orphan kid.

However, as soon as she did, her weak slow donkey ran faster than the others. When she got home, her skinny goat and she-camel’s udders were full of milk. Their barren land was lush with green grass. She milked the goat and the she-camel and drank and ate as she never had done before. When her husband returned home, she told him about the blessed orphan kid she had brought home from Makkah. They loved kid Mohammad dearly and wished he stayed with them a little longer.

Home and back to the desert:

 Prophet Mohammad, the kid, lived with Halima for two happy years. However, Halima was obliged to return the kid to his natural mother, Aminah. Nevertheless, Halima was very happy when Aminah asked her to keep Mohammad’s company for a little longer. Thus, Mohammad as a kid  returned with Halima and lived with her till he was almost four years old.

The chest split incident:

Kid Mohammad went on living and growing up with Halima who was like a mother to him. One day, kid Mohammad was playing with the kids when something strange happened. A stranger to the kids approached Mohammad and laid him flat on the ground. The stranger removed the kid’s clothes from the upper part of prophet Mohammad’s body. The stranger, who was Jibril, split the prophet’s chest. Jibril took out a black clot and washed the prophet’s heart in a gold basin. Jibril washed the heart with Zamzam water, removing the potion of Satan from the prophet’s heart. Next, Jibril returned the heart to its place and stitched the prophet’s chest again.

Returned to Aminah for the last time:

All the while, the playmate kids saw what had happened. They rushed to Halima screaming and told her that her kid Mohammad was killed. Halima hurried to the kid and saw him pale and shaking. She got frightened and decided to return kid Mohammad to his mother Aminah in Makkah. Prophet Mohammad was a four year old kid at that time. Later, a lot of the prophet’s companions assured that they saw the stitch marks on the prophet’s chest.

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