The five Pillars of Islam

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  The E-aalim is not just an institute for teaching the Holy Quran, the Arabic language and the Islamic studies for kids online. Rather, they are an institution interested mainly in the knowledge and spiritual welfare of the Muslim kids and juniors in the western and non-Muslim countries and communities worldwide. 

The five Pillars of Islam

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The Eaalim orientations :

     Based on the above mentioned, the ambitious E-aalim institute, for teaching Arabic and the Holy Quran online, has its own think-tank whose main job is to prepare and issue papers and research in the religion and the faith of Islam for kids to learn the Holy Quran and Arabic online. E-aalim have taken upon themselves the task, burden and responsibility of spreading moderate Muslim awareness among the Muslim juniors and kids in the non-Muslim countries and communities and arranged online classes to learn the Holy Quran online. Henceforth, the E-aalim is issuing a knowledge series entitled “Al-Ebadat” whose aim and objective is to teach the junior and kid Muslims the rituals of their religion.

What is islam ?

  In fact, the religion of Islam stands on five pillars necessary for everyone who wants to be a true and good Muslim. This is very useful for Quran courses for kids and adults online. Kids online should learn these five pillars. These five pillars are Islam in practice. A Muslim who joins the online courses learns and practices their faith through these fundamental pillars. It is very important for kids to note that Islam is not just some practices and rituals. Kids should know, in their online Quran courses, that Islam is a comprehensive religion based upon rituals as well as morals, ethics and dealings. They can do so beside their online Quran memorization classes.

the five pillars of Islam

Why Eaalim Ibadat Books ?

    The E-aalim, for Quran courses online, discusses the five pillars of Islam, the knowledge of which a Muslim kid needs to know everywhere this are to links them well to their religion.  This enriches the Quran online teachers. To embrace Islam, as a non-Muslim, and to get the biggest reward from Allah as an established Muslim adult and kid, an individual needs to know, in their online Quran and Arabic courses,  how to say the testimony or Ash-Shahada. This is the first step to becoming a Muslim. An individual says: “There is no god but Allah; and that Momammad is the prophet and messenger of Allah.” We should clearly bear in mind that the testimony is not a new concept initiated by Islam. Kids, in their Quran classes, should know that  Monotheism or Tawheed is the core and essence of all the previous heavenly religions and the call of all the prophets who preceded Mohammad.

Prayer,the second pillar of Islam :

 Kids should, also in their Quran classes, learn the second pillar which is the most significant practice of Islam is to perform the five daily prayers. Kids, who learn Quran and Arabic online, should learn that the five daily prayers are: Al-Fajr, AD-Dhuhr, Al-Asre, Al-Maghrib and Al-Isha prayers in order. The Fajr prayer consists of two rakats.The Dhuhr prayer consists of four rakats. The Asr prayer consists of four rakats. The Maghrib prayer consists of three rakats. The Isha prayer consists of four rakats. Time in Islam is very important. So every prayer has its set time. Muslims perform Fajr prayer  just before dawn. They perform  Dhuhr prayer at midday. They perform  Asr prayer  in the afternoon. The Maghrib prayer is performed at sunset. The Muslims perform  Isha prayer  in the evening. They can perform  Isha prayer can  any time at night till just before the break of the dawn. Kids, who learn the Quran and Arabic online, study these religious facts.


Why should kids learn purification ?

 For the validity and acceptance of the prayers , a Muslim adult and kid must be very keen on purification. This purification  relates  mainly to three factors. A Muslim’s body must be pure. Kids, who learn Arabic and the Holy Quran online, need to know about ablution. They  attain purification  through ablution. For ablution, a Muslim must ease themselves in the bathroom getting rid of all urine and stool if any. Also, a Muslim must wash their private parts with pure water if possible. Having done that, a Muslim kid washes their hands, their mouth and sniffs water through their noses. After that, a Muslim washes their face, arms to the elbows rubbing their ears, neck and hair. Finally, a Muslim washes their feet. A Muslim starts all the ablution actions with the right side. Online teachers teach their students how to make ablution.

Kids’ Etiquette of dress:

 The second factor of purification is the purification of a Muslim’s dress. A Muslim kid must clean their  dress must  and pure for the validity and acceptance of their  prayers to. Though a Muslim can perform their prayer everywhere, the place of prayer must also be pure. Kids and adults who learn the Holy Quran online should know that it is very important to note that the purifying element for Muslims is pure water.

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