The humanitarian dimension of the beloved prophet [PBUH]

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The humanitarian dimension of the beloved prophet [PBUH]

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Allah’s Messenger (Prophet)[PBUH]

We can’t disregard the humanitarian dimensions and situations of Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
which represent part and parcel of his good manners and his mercy towards all humanity alike.

he used to visit whoever fall sick of them regardless their race or religion, it has been narrated
by Anas ibn Malik[MPW], that a jewish used to serve the prophet [PBUH], and when he got ill,
the prophet [PBUH] visited him and sat next his head ,
the prophet [PBUH] said to him , convert to the Islam, the the boy looked at his father,
and his father said to him , obey Aba Al Ghaasim, so the boy converted to Islam ,
then the prophet [PBUH] praised Almighty Allah that he saved him from the fire .

Jews and Chrisitans

Allah’s messenger [PBUH] used to accept the gift from the jews if they present to him a gift
and doesn’t return it to them , as it was reported by Anas ibn Malik [MPW] ,
that a jewish woman brought a poisoned ewe to the prophet [PBUH]


so he ate from it and didn’t return it to her , he had set the most sublime and noblest
examples of forgiveness and remission of Ahl Azimah [Jews and Chrisitans] ,
and a good witness to that when the jewish woman presented to him the poisoned ewe,
the prophet [PBUH] didn’t order to poison her as she did or revenge of her
let alone killing her , because he is tolerant and kind for all humanity irrespective of
what happened to him from their part .
concerning the financial aspects he used to deal and borrow money from them ,
and when he discusses with them , he wasn’t arrogant about them,
but he used to reply to all their questions .
Talking about the humanitarian dimensions of the best human walked on the earth
and the best man who taught mankind the humanitarian manners
and values stemming from heartful human who realized life well and on top of
all His Almighty Lord who has given him insight, so the prophet ]PBUH]
was the perfect human in his humanityperfect in his law [sahreeh] ,
where he made it suits all Adam’s sons ,
he was perfect in his humanity , particularly when he deals with his wives and his children ,
perfect in his philanthropy with himself and with his sentiments , perfect n his humanity even with his enemies and his opponents .

Allah wants to lighten for you

Thus , whoever contemplate in the legislations which vame came on the tongue
of the best human of the mankind thr prophet [PBUH] , he will certainly feel at them
the philanthropic aspect wjich estimates the humanity of the Muslim,
and recognizes his ability and capacity


so the legislations have come holding the humanitarian sense in easiness and facilitation , leniencyand mercy ,
where thses appear obviously as Almighty Allah says :
( Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and  mankind was, created weak
Ibn Katheer said, : Allah wants to lighten for you [Your difficulties]; namely in
His laws and His commands and His forbiddance and what He has prescribed to you,also said,
(man was, created weak) and suited him alleviation , for his weakness in himself ,
and impairment of his intention and his determination .
Almighty Allah means by His saying :
( Allah wants to lighten for you .[your difficulties] , to facilitate you .
Almighty Allah also says in surat Al hajj[the pilgrimage]:
( And He has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty) [78] .
Therefore the philanthropy of the prophet [PBUH] appears in his selection the easiest
and the most facilitated unless it is a sin , as Aaishah [MPW] said, in the hadeeth which she previously mentioned it ,

the prophet [PBUH]

where the prophet [PBUH] adopted the applied reality and established to his nation
the principle of easiness and facilitation that accords with the Muslim’s humanity ,
and when he saw an extended rope he ordered to untie it m and enjoined
his nation no to constrain
from work except that can stand , it was, narrated about Anas ibn Malik ,
that three groups came to to the houses of the wives of the prophet [PBUH] ,
they were asking about the worship of the prophet [PBUH] ,
and when they were, told as if they had said it , so they said :
where are we from the prophet [PBUH] It has been forgiven  for him what preceded of his sin and what will follow ,
one of them said, as for me , I pray the night ever , and other said, I fast forever and
I donot break my fast , and pther said , I quit women, I never marry them, then Allah’s messengercame to them ,
and said : (you are who said , such and such ?! But Allah, I’m the most fearing to Allah and the most pious to him ,
however I fast and I breakfast, and I pray and I sleep, and I marry women , whoever deires my sunnah is not from me)
related by Al Bukhaaree and Muslim [7] .
Back to talk about the prophet’s humanity with his wives and his daughters
[ the people of the prophet’s house] .

perfect husband

It is, really a perfect humanitarian aspect in his sentimental married life , its bright side ,
inspire with perfection of his philanthropy [PBUH], and he has set sublime epitomes ,actually
he is the perfect husband and perfect father throughout his life ,


 he showed nothing to all his wives and to all his children except mercy leniency , tenderness
and mutual respect and mutual love , furthermore politeness , demureness,
and the sublime meaning of his humanity manifest visibly in his helping for his wives in the affairs of the house
it is narrated about Al – Aswad  who said : I said to Aaisha [MPW] :
What was Allah’s messenger doing with his family ? she said :
He was at his family‘s job ; and when the prayer came , he went out to pray .
Aaishah [MPW] also said that the prophet [PBUH] used to know his wives emotions towards him ,
she said that Allah’s messenger [PBUH] said to me : “ I know if you are satisfied with me ,
and if you are angry with me “, she said “ from where you know that ?!
He, said , “ But if you are, satisfied, you said, “ No by Muhammad’s Lord, and if you are, angry,
you said, “ No by Ibraaheem ‘s Lord “.She said , I said yes by Allah , O Allah’s messenger,  I don’t leave but your name [12].
As to his humanity [PBUH] on his sentiments which he has characterized with them among his people and his family ,
he used to show emotions of joy at the situations of joys , and the joyful attitude,
as well shows sentiments of sorrow and sadness and weeping at the pains’ times .
and one of the examples which represents upon the three defaulters, that happened when
his noble face enlighten of pleasure and joy , he was extremely pleased with the repentance of Ka’b ibn Malik [MPW],
this situation was, told by K a’b , he said : When I greeted Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
his face was shining of pleasure ,and when  Allah ‘s messenger [PBUH]
get delighted his, face enlightened, as, if  it is, a piece of moon,and
we used to know that from him , narrated by Al – shaykhaan .

Allah ‘s messenger [PBUH] used to smile

Frown and grin was not from his guidance [PBUH] , but he used to smile a lot ,
and let us contemplate the following situations and forms .
I t was, narrated the Abu Hurairah [MPWthat a man broke fast in Ramadan,
so Allah’s messenger ordered him to free a slave , or fasting twice consequential months ,
or feeding sixty pooe person , he said ,” I don’t find, so Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
with a vein of dates and said, ( take this and give it as a hand out )., he said , O messenger
of Allah
, there is none who is more needy than me , so , Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
laughed until his dental folds appeared ,then said, ((eat it )) .
As to the gentle , tender emotions of the prophet [PBUH]
at the time of leaving and grief ,
his eyes were watering and he weeps for parting of people and companions ,
it was crying of mercy and leniency not weeping of boredom and indignatin .
When his son Ibraaheem died his eyes teared and he wept mercy for him.
Anas ibn Malik [MPW]said, we entered with Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
to Abee Saif Al ghasim , so Allah’s messenger [PBUH] took Ibraaheem
and kissed him and smelled him , then we entered to him after that and
we noticed that his eyes began to shed tears, then Abdul Rahman ibn Awf [MPW]
said, “ And you O Allah’s messenger? He said, “ O Ibn Awf ,
it is mercy “ then Allah’s messenger [PBUH] followed it with another tears and sid ,
“ verily the eye shed tears and the heart grieves and but what pleases Allah our
Lord and we are with your parting O Ibraaheem are grievous [15].

humanity and dealing withe children

Regarding to his humanity and his dealing with Muslimschildren m he had showed
the most sublime senses of philanthropy in his dealing [PBUH] with children ,
he used to lower his wing to them , and understand the way they behave each one according
to their age and caressing and cuddling them, kissing and hugging them , and be patient
with them and hates to interrupt their joy and their happiness , even if he is in the hands of Almighty Allah .

Allah’s messenger [PBUH] used to kiss children and wipes their heads ,
it was narrated about Abu Hurayrah [MPW] who said : Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
kissed Al Hassan ibn Ali while Al Agraa ibn Haabis At Tameemi with him ,

 Al Agraa said, : I have ten of children , I had never kissed one of them, then Allah’s messenger
[PBUH] looked at him ,and said,, “Whoever does not have mercy will not be merciful “[17].
From the masterpieces of humanitarian situations ,


 his attitude [PBUH] when a funeral of a jew passed by him, it was narrated about
Ghays ibn Saeed and Sahl ibn Haneef , they were in Al Ghadi Seeyah,
then a funeral passed by them, so they got up , and they were, told it is, [the funeral]
from the people of the earth . They said : Allah’s messenger [PBUH]
passed by him a funeral of a jew , so he got up , and he was, told :
He is a jew , then he said : “ Isn’t it a self “.

Author: aburuqayyah
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