The lunar month of Shaban

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 Shaban is the eighth lunar month. It was so called because the Arabian tribes used to separate and go each to their destination looking for grazing their sheep and cattle; and maybe for fighting.

Prophet Mohammad's fasting in Shaban :

  Usama ibn Zaid asked prophet Mohammad why he often went on fasting more than any other month. The prophet answered him saying that most people ignore Shaban, preparing for the coming of Ramadan. It is the month when people’s good deeds are lifted to Allah. Prophet Mohammad said he liked his deeds to be lifted while he was fasting.

Changing the Qibla:

The lunar month of Shaban

 Muslims had prayed while turning their faces towards Jerusalem for seventeen or eighteen months. The jews rejoiced at this, accusing prophet Mohammad and Muslims of following their religion. Prophet Mohammad used to look at the sky imploring Allah for helping him. Therefore, Allah commanded prophet Mohammad to direct his face, and consequently, the Muslims’ faces towards al-Kaba in Makkah.

Fasting was made obligatory for Muslims :

In the second year after al-Hijra, Allah decreed that Muslims must fast the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from dawn till the sunset during daytime. They can eat and drink all night long.

The lunar month of Shaban

Shaban prepares Muslims for Ramadan:

The lunar month of Shaban is very interesting. Shaban comes between the prohibited month of Rajab and the holy month of Ramadan.so rajab comes before Shaban. However, Ramadan follows and comes after Shaban. As Shaban passes, Muslims feel the approach of Ramadan. Therefore, Muslims get ready for Ramadan. This happens on the spiritual as well as the material level.

Mosques get ready for Ramadan :

For the mosques to look their best in Ramadan, muslims get busy maintaining mosques. The mosque workers do their best in the cleaning of mosques. walls are dusted. floors are swept and mopped. carpets are folded. young men take part in the process of cleaning. They exert great effort in washing the mosque carpets. squeezing and doing laundry needs a lot of manpower. so youngmen do their utmost to do the job. They know very well that looking after mosques gives them a lot of reward. so they compete to make mosques look their best.

Homes also look their best in Shaban :

On the other hand, the same is done in the houses of Muslims. Muslim housewives take the chance to do the dusting and the sweeping. Ramadan is the month of fasting as well as relatives exchange visits. Therefore, Muslims invite each other to have the breakfast meal at sunset during the days of Ramadan. Therefore, housewives compete in making their homes look their best. muslims invite each other by applying the hadith which says: “Whoever invites a fasting Muslim to dinner, get the reward of that fasting Muslim. This guarantees the reward for both the guest and the host alike.

The battle of al-Nahrawan :

It happened  between Ali ibn Abi Talib and his opponents. It was in the lunar month of Shaban, 38th., H. The opponents rejected Ali’s decision of accepting arbitration in his conflict with Muawiya ibn abi Suffian.

       On 13th Shaban 658H., the Crusaders captured Jerusalem. They dismissed the Arab and Muslim rulers from the sacred city.

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