The Messenger of ALLAH, Muhammad, is A Mercy to the worlds

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“A mercy to the worlds”
The A prophet  A Mercy to the worlds and present timeو he recent years have witnessed a great climatic suffering on the part of humans,
as well as the environment itself.
We have seen thousands of wildlife animals dying in Australia’s painful forest fires for example.
Those forest fires resulted from the drought caused by global warming.
The whole planet seems to be suffering from man’s ignorant, short-sighted and selfish interference with nature.
“Mercy to the worlds”

Mercy to the worlds
Mercy to the worlds

PROPHET Muhammad A Mercy to the worlds AND THE ECOSYSTEM ISSUE:

However, what has this to do with prophet Muhammad?! More than fourteen centuries ago,
prophet Muhammad sensibly tackled environmental issues, long before any other thinker or philosopher did.
Astonishingly enough, he denounced people answering the call of nature in the shade, or in the water resources, where people could benefit from them.
Prophet Muhammad urged and recommended his companions to be good to animals and  even insects.
He talked about the man traveling across the desert and found a thirsty dog.
That man gained the paradise and satisfaction of Allah only for pitying that dog by giving water to it. For him,
a prostitute was forgiven and addmitted into paradise for a likewise action.
Similarly, another woman was admitted in the hellfire because of a cat, which the woman locked up;
neither did she feed the cat nor did she set the cat free to eat the way it liked.


 One day, the prophet was walking when he saw a camel, The prophet sought the owner of the camel and told him
that the camel had complained to him that its owner exhausted the camel in labor.
Moreover, the self same owner prevented the camel from food and drink.
So the prophet ordered that owner to feed and give water to his camel.
On another occasion, a bird hovered around the prophet’s head.
He told his companions that that bird complained to him that a man took its youngsters.
The prophet denyingly asked: “who inflicted this poor bird and broke its heart by kidnapping its youngsters.
He soon demanded the youngsters to be returned to their mother bird.

 The examples for the prophet’s Mercy to the worlds are too many to count. He denounced people severely beating their animals.
He forbade torturing animals and insects using fire. Prophet Muhammad forbade marking animals using burning steel to leave the marks on the animals’ skim.
He said: “None punishes others using fire, except Allah.”He recommended treating slaves and servants  humanely.
and He ordered people hiring others to do jobs for them to treat them in the best possible way.
He commanded an employer to pay the wage and fee of a laborer before the laborer’s sweat dries up.
and also He never beat a laborer, a servant or a slave. His servant and slave, Zayd Ibn Harithah preferred the prophet’s good company to Zayd’s own father’s company.

a mercy to the worlds
A mercy to the worlds

THE PROPHET Muhammad A Mercy to the worlds AND THE HARMFUL ANIMALS:

The prophet ordered only five species to be killed whether inside or outside Makkah.
These five species are: the snake, the kite bird, the mouse, the mad dog and the scorpion.
This commandment is only due to their tremendous danger to people’s lives.
Such harmful animals may kill people or even transfer deadly diseases to them.
Howener, it is a part of the prophet’s sunnah for Muslims to sleep early and not to stir outdoors after the isha prayer.
This is simply to give the nocturnal animals the chance to feed and hunt at night.


 Like prophet Solomon, prophet Muhammad Mercy to the worlds could communicate with animals and, furthermore with the inanimate things.
Not only did the prophet care for humans, animals, insects or plants, but also he cared for inanimate things.
The prophet used to stand on the trunk of a palm tree in the al-nabawi mosque to give his sermon.
However, a minbar, an altar was made for the prophet to stand on, leaving that tree trunk.
While giving the first sermon after this, the prophet as well as all the congregation present could clearly hear the sad bard moaning and groaning.
This was because the trunk felt that the prophet had deserted it. Soon the prophet descended the new minbar and went to the sad trunk, hugged it and patted on it.
It was only then that the trunk soothed down and grew quiet and silent.

On another occasion, he was on Mount Uhud.He was in the company of his three companions; Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman. Suddenly, the mount began to quake.
The prophet addressed the mountain saying; “ Easy and steady, O Uhud. On you are only a prophet, meaning himself; a true believer meaning Abu Bakr; and two martyrs; meaning Omar and Othman. This prophecy later came true with the assassination of both Omar, and later Othman.

A mercy to the worlds
A mercy to the worlds


 To sum up, mercy is the main characteristic distinguishing prophet Muhammad and Islam in general.
Prophet Muhammad Mercy to the worlds was keen on teaching this virtue of mercy to all his companions, a matter which transformed
those harsh bedouins into the noblemen who could successfully lead humanity, mentally and spiritually for several centuries after the prophet’s death. It is true that prophet Muhammad died, however his principles and teachings have always remained as a shining torch guiding the restless humanity over ages.

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