The people of India are listening to the Qur’an and the nature of Islam in India

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India is one of the largest countries in the world. It is ranked seventh as it is one of the largest countries in terms of geographical area around the world, with an extension of about 3,287,590 km². More than one billion people are distributed over this huge area. There is no doubt that no country on the face of the globe has abandoned From Islam, either the Muslim population comes to it as immigrants,

the Islamic religion comes in second place

As for some of its indigenous population converts to the Islamic religion, as well as India contains a large proportion of Muslims, and although the Hindu religion is the dominant religion with a total of 79.8% of the population, the Islamic religion comes in second place after Hinduism with a total of 14.2% of the population, and although many of you They may think that this percentage is small, but it is not so, and this, because it is constantly increasing with the Islamic calls that are practiced there.

It is worth noting that the people of India listen carefully to the Qur’an. Since ancient times, they have attended many of the Egyptian reciters’ parties that are held there, especially the parties that Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad used to host when traveling there. Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad is one of the sheikhs most loved by Muslims India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Come with us in the next report, we will learn why the people of India are hearing of the Qur’an and how India in general knew Islam. In addition, we will also learn about some other countries that hear the Qur’an, such as the people of Bangladesh are hearing of the Qur’an and the people of Pakistan are hearing of the Qur’an.

?How did Islam begin in India?

Islam was first known on the western coast of India, and this is because of the large number of Muslim merchants who were coming there, and then the Islamic religion gradually spread, until its effects were clearly visible, so mosques were built, the call to prayer was raised, and the Qur’an was recited in Muslim homes inside India, and a number of Muslims are increasing until Islam has spread in all Indian cities, thus increasing the number of Muslims in India to an alarming degree, and today the outcome is more than 172 million Indian Muslims, and with the spread of Islam in India, it has also spread to its neighboring countries, such as Bangladesh and the countries of Pakistan, to be the dominant official religion Today in the people of Bangladesh and the people of Pakistan is the Islamic religion.

Islamic life in India

In fact, the people of India are a good and loving people by nature, but this does not prevent the existence of some sectarian differences based on religious racism, and this is mainly due to mental and intellectual ignorance, but we cannot be certain that it is the intellectual characteristic of the Indian people as a whole, if the matter is compared In the Arab countries, we will find that even the same religious sects erupt between them, strife and disagreements, and this is due to the emergence of different groups, each one following a different organization, or a certain intellectual policy, and although we are in the era of democracy as it is rumored, although this matter is doubtful, but that The matter of different intellectual acceptance is not acceptable in our time, and even if it is accepted, it will be accepted only superficially. Even if it is accepted by one group, it will not be accepted by all other groups, so Islam cannot be certain that it has been squandered in India, but the religious supremacy of Hinduism may cause there to be violations of the right of Muslims in some Indian states, but not all.

The common denominator between Islam in India and its neighboring countries

Among the countries located near India are the State of Bangladesh and the State of Pakistan, and all of them have a common denominator in the love of religious dhikr rings, since a long time ago, after Islam was established within this country, and its strength became stronger, and there are a large number of Egyptian readers who go there to establish many dhikr rings. Distinguished, and one of the most famous of them was the great Sheikh, the voice of Mecca, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, who was the favorite Sheikh of the people of India, the people of Pakistan, and the people of Bangladesh. Happiness when attending one of the religious parties in which it is, The Qur’an is recited to them, and there are many records that exist until the present period, which describe to you how the people of India were hearing of the Qur’an, and also the people of Bangladesh heard of the Qur’an, as well as the people of Pakistan heard of the Qur’an.

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