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Just search for the truth and you will reach Islam…learn Quran online

When one of us is fair in life

Just in his criticism of others as well as himself

He will find that he is looking for a great way to walk

And a lofty goal is reached

will come to Islam

Because Islam is the religion of Allah

And God sent down the Qur’an for people

To learn how to walk

learn Quran online

YVONNE RIDLEY… learn Quran online

Yvonne Ridley Born in  1958

 in Durham .

and Yvonne Ridley was a Christian woman who believed in God

Yvonne Ridley is A British journalist, 

and Yvonne Ridley was a journalist working for the BBC

Yvonne Ridley  A Nobel Prize Nominee for her efforts for supporting the Rohingya Muslims.

and a according to the media

All her is past notion about Islam was negative, 

for that Yvonne Ridley had been subliminally brain washed.

Yvonne Ridley Got a Palrstinian passport 

after Yvonne Ridley succeeded in breaking the siege imposed on Gaza the summer of 2008

learn Quran online

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Before Islam… learn Quran online

Yvonne Ridley was arrested in Afghanistan by the Taliban in 2001 during a press assignment.

and Yvonne Ridley is a journalist working for the BBC who entered Afghanistan illegally. 

Yvonne Ridley was caught by the Taliban.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair, described the Taliban regime as the most brutal regime in the world.

War was on the horizon, she wanted to find out what life was like for the ordinary Afghan people. 

Yvonne Ridley worked for the Sunday newspaper in London.

She watched the Taliban way of life and found it was according to Islam.

They offered Yvonne Ridley Islam. 

Yvonne Ridley promised to study the religion of Muslims,

being untrustful of the Taliban, believing the Bush narrative.

Yvonne Ridley treated them in the worst way, 

but they treated Yvonne Ridley well. 

and Yvonne Ridley thought it was a Taliban trick to do so. 

Yvonne Ridley wanted to test the Taliban.

The Taliban released Yvonne Ridley.

 after Arriving Yvonne Ridley  to London, 

 began  Yvonne Ridleyis to study Islam. 

Yvonne Ridley also wanted to know for herself about Islam.

so  began Yvonne Ridley  to doubt the Bush-Blair narrative. 

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Yvonne Ridley’s Journey to Islam

began Yvonne Ridley to read Yusuf Ali’s translation of The Quran. 

and Yvonne Ridley was amazed on many levels.

so Yvonne Ridley found out that Islam is pro women’s rights, 

against all the negative claims of the media.

Reading the Quran was easy for Yvonne Ridley. 

and Yvonne Ridley found all the prophets and messengers she knew in the Holy Quran. 

but Yvonne Ridley didn’t know prophet Mohammad. 

So Yvonne Ridley read about him. 

Yvonne Ridley found him an amazing role model. 

said Yvonne Ridley prophet Mohammad was a perfect man. 

The best human who ever walked on earth was prophet Mohammad.

and met Yvonne Ridley many scholars both Muslims and Christians,

 but Yvonne Ridley had a problem with the trinity. 

An ordinary Muslim convinced her when he asked her about the relation between John the Pabtist and Jesus Christ. 

When Yvonne Ridley said they were cousins, 

said the Muslim , So when John prayed to God: 

asked the Muslim, Did John the Pabtist  “Uncle God?”

said Yvonne Ridley, that is ridiculous. 

The Muslim said, “ exactly.”

Another The Muslim asked Yvonne Ridley what she would do if she had three emails on her computer. 

Yvonne Ridley said she would check the latest one. 

The Muslim said so the latest message is Islam.

after that Yvonne Ridley gave  shahadah 

Yvonne Ridley converted to Islam in 2003.

learn Quran online

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after Islam

and Yvonne Ridley moved to Qatar 

to work for Al-Jazeera as a journalist, 

That was a few months before Ramadan. 

So Yvonne Ridley was lucky to spend her first Ramadan as a Muslim in an Arab Muslim country.

Yvonne Ridley’s friends deserted her for her new faith. 

The Muslim community in Britain are wonderfully supportive to her.

 began Yvonne to enjoy her loneliness, reading and thinking more about Islam. 

and Yvonne began to like, respect and esteem herself, being a new Muslim.

The BBC referred to her as the former journalist Yvonne Ridley.

 Yvonne complained a lot till they corrected their mistake.

 resumed Yvonne, her career as a journalist.  

went to Yvonne, to Edlib, Syria. 

Syria was a tough experience. 

said YvonneThe only thing keeping people alive there is their faith,

and sticking hard to the “ rope of Allah.”

Yvonne has been a strong supporter of the Palestinians since the age of fourteen.

 After the Hijab, she was described as a terrorist. 

 told them Yvonne, she hasn’t changed. 

But are they who have changed?

said Yvonne, The Palestinian plight is a stain in the face of humanity.

 Belief in God can make miracles

learn Quran online

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  • saleem hasan

    74 – Almighty Allah also remembers us saying , “ Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you immorality , while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty . And Allah is all – Encompassing and all -Knowing .

  • owais shahzaib

    98 – Almighty Allah tells His Messenger [ PBUH] regarding the wrong doers saying , And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do . He only delays them for a day when eyes will stare [in horror]. truly Allah is unmindful of what they do but lead them progressively into their fateful disteny ..

  • laraib aryan

    71 – The Noble talked and told us stories of the ancient nations not for recreation but out of speculation and not to pursue their roundabout trace which will definitely lead to the Hellfire , therefore Almighty Allah has warned through all the Quranic stories with inescapable end which wait them in the life to come .

  • amir mohsin

    38 – Allah be Exalted and Glorified shows everlasting miracle of the Noble Quran and the great challenge that Almighty Allah has defied with all His creatures saying to His Messenger [PBUH] , say , “If the mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Quran . they could not produce the like of it , even if they were assistants to each other .”

  • muhammad saqib

    48 – Allah the Almighty urges his Messenger [PBUH] to the Oneness as He says ,” Do not make [as equal ] with Allah another deity and [thereby] become censured and forsaken .Therefore , we are meant to follow what the prophet [PBUH] was ordered to do , namely the absolute Oneness of Allah .

  • owais atif

    Whenever we commit to reciting the Noble Quran and comprehending it, our life will be free from all troubles and the severe circumstances which might undermine the stability of our Islamic society and spread a sublime sense of the religion of truth to maintain the desired ends.

  • hashir imran

    Certainly the Holy Quran plays significant role in our life specially when we recite it and practice it in our day to day life , because it is only and real guidance for us and for all those believe in Allah and the hereafter, therefore , Almighty Allah says, “This is the Book which there is no doubt about a guidance for those conscious of Allah .

  • saqib atif

    Thus the Holy Quran has given us detailed facts and knowledge about the globe we live in and eaplain logically why did Almighty Allah has set out everything in order to seek great grant from our Lord who is the Only One able to manage the whole universe meticulously .

  • zahid shahzaib

    coming to talk about fighting which Almighty Allah has decreed upon Muslim in the Holy Quran actually it was real tough trial by Allah be Exalted and Glorified to His Messenger [PBUH] and his companions of those critical condiotions which Experienced them the prophet [PBUH] and اhis dear companions butt hey never gave up , never got weak for the cause and sake of Allah .