The religious face of the people of Pakistan is listening to the Qur’an

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When you hear the word Pakistan, the first thoughts that immediately come to your mind are that it is the country that the news releases have long said is a fertile, and ideal haven for many terrorist organizations. As it is known by its official name, “the United States of America”, it is working hard with all its might to eliminate these terrorist organizations, forgetting that it was the one who brought up some of them in the first place

the religious nature of pakistan

y case, the picture in Pakistan is not always as shown by the politically  oriented media, and this is because the people of Pakistan are a people like any other people who have many economic and sectarian problems. positions, and in order to obtain a decent living, and away from the political situation of the State of Pakistan, which lengthens the discussion for pages, and pages, if we single out the hadith specifically for it, today we will confine ourselves to talking about the religious face of the people of Pakistan who listen to the Qur’an. We will also realize in our conversation special matters about how the religious nature of each of the people of India is listening to the Qur’an and the people of Bangladesh are listening to the Qur’an, which are among the closest peoples to Pakistan


The beginning of Islam in Pakistan

Although the overwhelming majority of the religion in Pakistan is the Islamic religion, it did not start as well, as it was dominated by religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and others, but the Islamic conquests that were sent there starting in 711 AD, which was the first during the era of the Umayyad state led by Muhammad bin Al-Qasim is the reason for spreading Islam there, and the Buddhists and Hindus converted to the Islamic religion

But also gradually the followers of different religions turned to the Islamic religion because of its support and honor for the religious, and today the people of India listen to the Qur’an, but when we talk about the state of Bangladesh, Islam set foot in it at the hands of merchants and Arab expatriates, and today the people of Bangladesh have listened to the Qur’an and occupies Fourth place around the world in being one of the largest Islamic countries in the world.

The Qur’an and the Pakistani people

The Qur’an creates a unique state of spirituality upon hearing it. Its command is not limited to some words that carry with it some meanings about the running of creation and its affairs, telling stories from the past, warning against walking in the footsteps of misguidance, and encouraging what God is hiding for His righteous servant, but in fact. The Qur’an purifies the heart, and cleanses it of sins,  washing, and purification here refers to the state of purity and serenity that the Qur’an brings to its listeners upon hearing it. There are many who listen to the Qur’an, but the true believer is the one who realizes in his heart what the Qur’an rises to before his mind comprehends it. The people of Pakistan were  listeners of the Qur’an in addition to the peoples surrounding it, so were the people of India listeners to the Qur’an and the people of Bangladesh were listeners to the Qur’an and not only were they good listeners to the Qur’an, but they were also more than wonderfully welcoming to the Egyptian readers .

the remembrance circles of pakistan

They flocked to attend the remembrance circles that they presented, and one of the most famous of those who traveled to these countries was Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, who was able to affect the hearts of the peoples of Asia completely because of his sweet, wonderful voice, which really deserved the title of the Voice of Makkah, which he was called, they would gather around him, and listen to his words Even if some of them do not understand well his speech in Arabic, given that they mainly speak Bengali, but the Qur’an has an emotional entity that creates it inside the hearts of those who are not aware enough of its meanings.

the Qur’an is the highest treasure

In the end, the Qur’an is the highest treasure left for us on earth. If these foreign peoples have realized what the Qur’an is and its beauty, we Arabs would not appreciate it properly until God Almighty is pleased with us, and we conclude our conversation with a prayer saying, And  the Holy Quran is the clearing of our worries, and our glooms, and the light of our eyes, and our guidance in this world and the hereafter.)


           Like a multi-hearted giant, the Muslim world has various hearts. Each Muslim country is a real heart to all Muslims. pakistan is very dear to every Muslim. It is the land of scholars and scientists. It is the land of the gorgeous Benadhere Bouto, the ex-prime ministress and the daughter of the respected Dhul-Fiqqar Ali Bouto. Pakistan is the land of the great poet Mohammad Iqbal, whose marvellous poem “ Hadithur-Rooh”, was sung by the legendary Umm Kulthum. Pakistan is the land of civilization and scientific progress. Its industries and military might is a source of pride to all Muslims. Pakistan is the land of cricket and squash legends. We can never forget the legendary Jahi Shere Khan and his various world titles for the game he excelled in till the Eg

yptian series of champions bore the torch succeeding him, maintaining his legacy.

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