THE SIX KALIMAs “Memorize Quran And Azkar Online”

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Memorize th first Kalimah: THE   GOOD   WORDS: “

 There is no god but Allah. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. THe SIX KALIMAT MEMORIZE QURAN AND AZKAR ONLINE
{ la ilaha illa –Allah Muhammadun rasulu-llah }.
There are many verses mentioned the monotheism(Tawheed) which is the first pillar in Islam,
one of these verses comes in surat Al –Ikhass,112  verse 1) “ Say He is Allah, [Who is One],
which means that there is no god  but Almighty Allah Alone.
There is, no one who deserves to be, described by oneness except Allah the One.  


2 – *  Words of Testimony:  “”memorize Azkar and Quran

I bear witness: that there is no deity but Allah, He is the One, there is no partner to Him,
Also and I bear witness that Mohammad is His servant and His messenger
{ ash hadu an la ilaha illa- Allahu wahdahu la sharika lahu wa- ashhadu anna Mohammadan abduhu wa- rasulahu }.
This word is a declaration of the Oneness[tawheed] of Allah and it means
that Allah has no partner.
It also is a confession that Muhammed[PBUH] is Allah’s servant and messenger.
This word should be, mentioned every day,
because Allah’s messenger [PBUH] said., “ash hadu an la ilaha illa- Allahu wahdahu la sharika lahu wa- ashhadu anna Mohammadan abduhu wa- rasulahu”, whoever says it,the eight gates of paradise will be opened for him, he enters from the gate he likes,” narrated by Muslim.

Memorize Quran And Azkar Online

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3 – * Words of Majesty:Memorize Quran And Azkar Online

Glorified is Allah. (All) praise is due to Allah, there is no god except Allah.
He is greater than everything, and there is no power nor strength except in Allah,
the Lofty, the Great.  
“ Subhana-allahi wal-hamdu lil-lahi wa la ilaha illa Allahu wa- Allahu Akbaru
wa la hawla wala quwwata ila bi-Allahi al-aAli al-Azim.” narrated by Muslim.
These words of majesty should be, said after performing each obligatory prayer.
whoever says this after each prayer, all his, sins will be, forgiven by Allah even if they were, as the sea’s foam. 

 4 – * Words of Oneness:

There is no deity but Alah alone and has no partner.
To Him belongs the sovereignty and to Him belongs all Praise.
Allah also gives life and causes death, and He ( Himself )is Alive and does not die ever!
so He is of Majesty and Munificence In His hand is all goodness and He has power over everything.
{ la illaha illa- allahu wahdahu la sharika lahu. lahul-mulku wa lahu l-hamdu yuhyi wa yumitu
wa- Huwa hayyun la yamutu abadan. Dhul-Jalali wal-ikram bi-yadhi-lkhair wa-Huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer}.
These words are a confession of Allah’s oneness, might and ability over everything.
whoever says them hundred times gets the reward of freeing ten slaves,
hundred good deeds will be, written for him and hundred bad deeds
will be, erased from his record.
they will be a protection for him from the satan all the day till evening. narrated by Albukhary and Muslim.

Memorize Quran And Azkar Online

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5 – * Words of Penitence:learn six Kalimas online for free

 I seek the forgiveness of God. my Lord, for every sin which I knowingly committed
and also every sin I unknowingly committed.
Verily, You are the Knower of the hidden, the Concealer of the faults,
and the Forgiver of the sins, and there is no power nor strength except in God,
the Lofty, the Great.
 “Astagfiru-Allaha rabbi min kulli dhanbin adznabtuhu ‘amdan wa khata’an sirran wa-’alanitan
wa- atubu ilayhi mina d-danbi l- ladi la  ‘alamu innaka anta alamul-guyub wa satarul-uyubi
wa gafarilla  li d-dunubi wa la hawla wa la quwwata b-llahi l- ‘ali al-azim.”
A Muslim should say these words seeking for Allah’s forgiveness and they
Also are a confession of all the committed sins privately and publicly.
This is referred to in the Holy Quran when Allah [glory be to Him] says,
“ and hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth,
prepared for the righteous.” recite Holly Quran and memorize Azkar

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 6 – * Words of Rejection of Disbelief:memorize Holly Quran online with Azkar

 O Allah I seek refuge in You from that I should not join any partner with You and I know of it ,
and also I seek Your forgiveness from that which I do not know.
I also repent from it and I reject disbelief, polytheism, falsehood, beckoning deviation, defamation,
immorality, calumny and all sinfulness. I submit to you and I declare:
There is no deity but God, Mohammad is the messenger of God.
“ allahumma ‘inni a’udhu bika min ‘an ushrika bika shay’an ‘alamu bihi
wa – tabarr’atu minal-kufr  wa-ash-shirk wal-kadhib wal-ghibah wal-bid’ah
wal-namimah wal-fawahish wal- buhtan wal-ma’asi kulluha wa aslamtu wa aqulu la illaha ila-lahu mohammadun rasulu-llahi.”

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This is an absolute acknowledge that there is no one aMuslim can seek his refuge but Almighty Allah,and no one except Allah can forgive sins,
so a Muslim must follow all that Allah has enjoined him and avoid all that Allah has forbidden him to do
Therefore Allah [glory be to Him] says, “ O  My servants who have transgressed against themselves
[ by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah.
Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is Forgiving, the Merciful.”    

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