The suitable age to start memorizing the Holy Quran

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Why are kids the best learners?

 Kids are the sweetest creatures in this world. Children are naive, Kids are innocent. Infants are imaginative. Children see the world through a different perspective than adults do. Also, kids are adaptable to changes. So, kids can take up new ideas easier than adults do. So adults should bear in mind that kids are sensitive creatures who are fully aware of what is going on around them.

The suitable age to start memorizing the Holy Quran

What is the best age to start learning the Holy Quran ?

  Childhood is the age when a kid acquires their linguistic skills. New sounds, new words, new lexical combinations strike the imagination of kids. A kid’s linguistic abilities and talents grow all the time. Children take up things easily. Kids are also good imitators. When a kid sees or hears something, they tend to copy it.

learning and motivation :

  Is there an ideal age of learning?

Educationalists have found out that an individual’s motivation and incentive to learn is far more important than their age. Designing curricula, educationalists have done a lot of experiments which showed that an individual is recommended to start their journey of learning at the age of six. During this age, an individual begins to recognize the world around them. At the age of about six, an individual begins to interact within the society where they live. 

The psychological needs of a child :

In such a psychological and sociological environment, an individual endeavors to establish themselves as a remarkable member in their society. Doing so, the motivation and incentive to acquire knowledge is created. Acquiring knowledge becomes the suitable means to draw the adults’ attention to the existence of the young members of the society. So kids do their best to learn.

childhood and learning the Holy Quran :

 It has always been the custom of parents to send their young children and kids to study the Holy Quran. Kids can memorize the ayat and surahs of the Holy Quran easily and fast. Free of the worries and the interests of the adults, kids focus on their learning. During the process of growing up, all a kid cares for is their playtime and learning.

The joy of learning :

Learning itself becomes a part of the games which kids enjoy most. So when a kid starts studying and learning the Holy Quran, they make great achievements. These achievements make the elderly people admire a kid’s performance. This admiration and satisfaction on the part of adults is all that a kid seeks.

prophet Mohammad's place and date of bith

The memory of kids :

 Kids have an amazing memory. Children create a world of their own. Kids also color their own world. Children have a fertile memory and imagination. When kids focus on something, they learn it easier and faster than adults do. So a kid’s ability to memorize the Holy Quran is amazing. When a kid and an adult try to memorize the same surah, for example, a kid proves to be more efficient than an adult. So a kid can memorize texts easier and faster than an adult does. On the other hand, when it comes to oblivion, an adult tends to forget things easier and faster than a kid does. This has a lot of reasons, the most important of which may be that kids don’t have a lot of interests which may distract them. So we can say that childhood is the ideal age when an individual starts their journey to memorize the Holy Quran.

How could Sahaba memorize the Holy Quran ?

    There is an interesting question. If childhood is the ideal age to start memorizing the Holy Quran, how could the prophet’s companions memorize the Holy Quran? Here rises the importance of motivation and incentives in the process of memorizing the Holy Quran. The prophet’s companions were eager to learn the latest proportions which were revealed to prophet Mohammad. They competed to memorize the verses of the Holy Quran

Living and learning the Holy Quran :

They lived the meanings of the verses they memorized. So the motivation of the prophet’s companions to memorize the Holy Quran was great. Therefore, the prophet’s companions could memorize the Holy Quran. This means that when an adult Muslim has the passion and motivation to memorize the Holy Quran, they can do the job. This is very good news to adult Muslims nowadays. All you should do is to start the journey of memorizing the Holy Quran and you will be like one of the prophet’s companions who could memorize the Holy Quran despite their old age. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Verily, We have made the Holy Quran easy to memorize, who will do?” So a good Muslim should be optimistic that they can memorize the Holy Quran if they have the motive regardless of their age.

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