The Suspicion of Woman’s Testimony equals half of Man’s Testimony

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Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah upon you All
We’d like to talk about so significant suspicion, it is concerned with a woman’s testimony.
Why does a man’s testimony equal two women’s testimony? Is this talking absolutely true or not?
First of all, we have to understand the above aforesaid is reserved for the financial contracts,
this is by the consensus of most of the scholars, I mean very few of the scholars did not agree on that. 

That means in the financial affairs

That means in the financial affairs but not in the other matters,
a woman’s testimony can be equal to a man’s testimony and her testimony can be accepted,
and a man’s testimony can’t be accepted. For instance, a matter of breastfeeding, and a matter of proof of parentage.
Sometimes we talk about issues extremely dangerous, and extremely important.

What does breastfeeding mean?

If someone was walking with his wife and with them,
his four children in the street and a woman said this man has breastfed by the same woman,
and I testify on that, this talk is extremely dangerous because it threats families, and separate them,
according to this speech, the man’s wife is his sister, and marriage to her is forbidden originally so the man’s testimony is not accepted,
but woman’s testimony is accepted in this connection.

Why is the woman better than the man?

Not better than the man, but men rarely sit on nursing boards, for instance,
a woman sitting to breastfeed there aren’t men sitting to do so, mostly just women who are expected to be sit,
witnessed and sat and there was another woman can be her friend or her neighbor and
she used to breastfeed more than five times a specific child, and she has already known that this child is this man.
Well, what else?
Proof of parentage from the birth, because at this particular time the birth was done by the midwife,
men didn’t attend the birth, so at this time the man’s testimony is not accepted,
when two women dispute over a child this woman says this is my son,
and the other says this my son, in this the citation the midwife tells you, I was present at the birth‘s time,
and this a child of this and this a child of the other. Also, we talk about a very serious point,
the woman’s testimony is accepted but the man’s testimony isn’t accepted.
By the way, the majority of scholars have agreed with the consensus that
the woman’s testimony basically isn’t accepted in Hudood,
and Hudood are the crimes that originally ended with the death penalty
or the amputation of the hand, such as theft retribution, and robbery

Why the woman’s testimony isn’t accepted?

To protect women, because she is the party whom the amputation will be taken from after that, sorry not retribution,
I mean revenge of her, so to protect the woman,
the men are the only ones who testify in Hudood crimes and we leave a woman away from any revenge and things like that,
but Adhaahiriyah [virtual] ( Those who judge by what is apparent to them said that. the woman testifies and they have no problem with that.
However, let’s see the verse which is about the testimony if there aren’t two men, so we need a man and two women in the testimony.
Now we are talking about the financial contracts and the evidence upon that.
of course, first thing, it’s called the verse of the debt,
it‘s the verse 282 Surat Al Baqarah(The cow) It‘s the longest verse in the Holy Quran ( O, You who have believed,
when you have believed when you contract a debt for a specified term, write it down.
And let ascribe write it [it] between you injustice, let no ascribe refuse to write as Allah has taught him.
So let him write and let the one who has the obligation to dictate ).
Look at the accuracy of the Holy Quran and its interest in the relation to be a good relation,
as well the social relation between all the people,( Let the one who has the obligation dictate), What does it mean?
It means. Now I borrowed a current sum from my neighbor. We’ll make our third neighbor the contract between us.
Which contract?
a contract of the deb. Who will dictate it ? I’m the borrower.
I dictate to our neighbor who will write it and my neighbor who borrowed me [the fund’s owner] to attend and say nothing. why?
If he might tell him, I borrowed Fadil sum of ten thousand pounds and he should return them to me on such a day,
I say to him, why do you talk like that, I‘ll return them to you on such a day.
Why are you raising your voice? What‘s wrong with you, you talk so nervously?
So, our Lord kept this relation, He let the person who takes the borrowed money to dictate,
and that who gives money remains silent, and I‘m the receiver for the borrowed money
tell him that I have taken the amount of ten thousand pounds and I should return them to him on such day,
while he is staying shy, this a very accurate Quranic precision in these matters ( And let him fear Allah, his Lord)

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