To be a scholar in Arabic

About this course

  • If you want to be a scholar in Arabic, Imam, or sheikh, we can help you achieve your goal.
    If you want to make MASTERS or PHD in Al-Azhar, Daroloum, or Arts, we can help you.
  • You can study poetry like the poetry of Ahmed shawqy, Almotanby, bashar, or Al moalaqat
  • You can study advanced classical books in literature like, Al Aghaney for Al Asfahany, Al Asmaiat for Al Asmaee, Al Amaley for Abo Ali Alqalee, and Al khasaes for ibn gene
  • You can study advanced classical books in Arabic morphology like, Alwajeez fee Attasreef for ibn Al Anbaree, assarf alkafee for a group of scientists, and shaza Al Arf fee fan Assarf for Al Hamalawe, kitab Al Moftah fee Assarf lelgorganey
  • You can study advanced classical books in grammar like Al-Ajurrumya,Alfiyet ibn Malik, Moghni Allabeeb An Kotob Al-Aareeb, Annaho Alwadeh for Ali Aljarem…etc.
  • You can study advanced classical books in Linguistics, like Al ketab for Sebaweh, Fekh Allogha for Arraghey, Almokhssas for Ibn Saiedah
  • You can study advanced classical books in balghah, like Al Bayan Watabeen for Al jahez, Dalael Al Elhjaz for Abdelqaher, Asrar Albalaghah for Abdelqaher, Al balaghah Alwadehah for Ali Aljarem.
  • You can study advanced classical books in Semantics like, ” Adelalh” for Ahmed mokhtar omar, Addalalah Alloghaweha End Al Al-Arab for Abdel Kareem Mujahed
  • You can study advanced classical books in lexicons like, Alayen for Al khaleel, Mokhtar Assehah for Arrazee, Lessan Al Arab for Ibn Manthor.
  • Ground Rules:

* Our teachers are able to spot individual differences between students and accordingly they can select a suitable curriculum for each student.

* One of our approaches is a continuous recap on what has been taught which will not leave a chance to the students to forget what they have learnt.

* Sessions depend on your free time

* Trial session before joining.

* Great tuition prices, Greater quality.

* All our teachers are native Arabic speakers who completed The Educational General Diploma for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.

* Oral quizzes will be done within the course to check the progress of the students.

* Our teachers have the required experience to solve student-related issues while learning.

* Modern Approaches will be used to develop your Arabic learning, i.e. interactive websites, games…etc.

* All lectures will be based on “one on one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to facilitate broader dialogues and to let everybody share his/her experience in learning Arabic. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of you and your teacher.

* Books that will be used will be mainly focusing on Arabic skills.
* The course will be customized based on why you are learning Arabic.
* Literature books
In this course: you will study advanced literature books like Gawaher Al-Alfaz,Alkhasaes, and Tabakat Al-shoaraa.
* Islamic Books
In this course, you will study some tafseer books like: Tafseer Aljalalyen, Al-Tafseer Al-Moysar and Tafseer Ibn Katheer.)