What have we sacrificed being Muslims?

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Do we have to lose what we love for being Muslims?

Do we have to lose what we love for being Muslims?

Or do we leave the imagination for the sake of the truth?

Or do we buy heaven with what we love?

Questions that may find their way to those who embraced peace, 

This path of Islam is surrounded by difficulties, 

so we must trust in Allah and be patient with adversity

Until we reach the sweetness of faith

No servant Muslim found it without knowing how true it is in its contentment.

And they put everything in front of her

That is why Allah Almighty said: “And command your family to pray and be patient with it. We do not ask you for sustenance. We provide for you


She is Born in Granville, France in 1965.

She was a Catholic Christian

BUT She was confused by the idea that Jesus was the son of god, which she couldn’t accept.

SO She wasn’t happy with her Catholic faith, often falling into depression, seeing Catholics all over Europe gradually losing faith.

Got three diplomas in cooking and making pastry.

Her life

She wanted to change views for her health to improve.

so She decided she went to Slovenia, she went to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she heard the Adhan which astonished her, warming her heart.

and also She decided she would go to Istanbul for more knowledge about Islam.

for that She began to like Istanbul, which she visited three times and wanted to give her shahada after reading about Islam a lot.

and She left everything in Slovenia and went to Turkey with two small suitcases, only to be free to practise her new faith, Islam.

and she is  Embraced Islam in 1914.



Circumstances you met

She is Currently is writing a book on the Companions, Sahabah of the prophet.

She lived a poor life, ironing clothes to get by.

Her son rejected her being a Muslim, threatening to call the police that his mother might have been carrying a bomb after the Charlie Hebo accident.

This was in Marsill where he refused to see his mother.

Also She lives in Turkey where she found her spiritual life

to become a Muslimslearn Quran online

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