Where is the truth ?… learn Quran online

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Great message… learn Quran online

We Muslims bear a great trust that must be, conveyed to the worlds
So that the light radiates and expands the whole earth, to bring people out
of darkness into the light From confusion to guidance, and from wandering
to the straight path It is the faithfulness of the message of Islam.… learn Quran online


Born in 1967.
In Northern Ireland
Embraced Islam in 2002
Currently learning in the field of the religious services, the Arabic language
and orienting the new Muslims.
Growing up, he had troubles with both Christianity and Judaism.
There were many things which he couldn’t understand.
He began to search for the truth, trying many beliefs.

Journey to Islamlearn Quran online

After the 9/11, he met a Pakistani Muslim and asked him, how Muslims did that.
The Pakistani denied it being done by Muslims and gave him a copy of the Quran translation,
which appealed to him, being a unique book in its style and language.
He read all the books available, but wanted more. A friend advised him to give his shahadah,
which he did and felt deep and true light penetrating his soul and body, finding no holes in Islam, which makes it the true religion

Challenges encountered and social transformations… learn Quran online

He  met many challenges after being a Muslim as all his friends weren’t Muslims, so he preferred being alone for a while.
His family tolerated him, being a Muslim.
and He also is happier as a Muslim now than before.
also He has good relations with his parents and brothers.
He also sees more people embracing Islam nowadays.
More women embrace Islam than men do, which proves that Islam
is not an anti- women religion.
The Muslim community in London communicate well and they are active socially.
British society is growing more accepting, being a multi- cultural society.
The World Umra company organises umra journeys to new converts,
where they each tell their experiences.
The Ugandan and Kenyan new converts call people in their localities to embrace Islam.
They achieve a great deal of success in their efforts.
The best day in his life was when he gave shahadah, and his visits to Makkah and Madina.

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