Why do I have to teach my kids the Holy Quran?

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Why should kids be taught the Holy Quran ?

In an authentic correct hadith, prophet Mohammad says: “Who wants (success in) Donia, let them stick to the Quran; Who wants (success in the hereafter), let them stick to the Quran; Who wants (success in them) both, let them stick to the Quran.” Truly spoke prophet Mohammad.

The importance of the Holy Quran in a Muslim's life :

   The Holy Quran is the core and essence of a Muslim’s faith and religion. Prophet Mohammad once said: “ I have left amongst you what if you stick to, you won’t go astray after my death, the Book of Allah and my sunnah.” Truly did prophet Mohammad speak. Therefore, the religious significance of the Holy Quran is undeniable. The earlier a kid learns the Holy Quran, the better. It is a good introductory step to study and learn Islam itself to learn the Holy Quran. This is because the Holy Quran is the starting point to learn all the Quranic sciences and the Arabic language itself.


prophet Mohammad's place and date of birth

The linguistic benefit from learning the Holy Quran :

  Learning the Holy Quran has its massive and positive effect on a Muslim’s linguistic skills. Even the native speakers of Arabic benefit a lot from learning the Holy Quran. A good (connoisseur) of the Holy Quran tends to be naturally eloquent and wise. Such a person has rich vocabulary and grammatically sound Arabic. The Quran’s linguistic benefit for the non-native speaker Muslims is far greater. The Holy Quran familiarizes a Muslim’s tongue with Arabic. Also, learning the Holy Quran makes a Muslim say their zikr and dua’ in Arabic more comfortably and easily. This makes a Muslim themselves more confident and pious in practicing their faith. 

The Holy Quran and bringing up a kid:

   The Arabic proverb states: “Our kids are but pieces of our livers walking on earth.” It is very expressive. Kids are the most precious gif ts a human can ever have. A parent’s kid is similar to a lonely tree in the barren desert of life. Truly, a kid is the sapling of one’s lifetime. The more care a parent gives to this delicate sapling, the stronger it grows. Also, the fruits of such a blossoming tree will certainly be the sweetest if the gardener is a careful one. The Holy Quran teems with the best etiquettes a Muslim can bring their kids upon. So, when a Muslim parent teaches their kids the Holy Quran, they don’t only gain the satisfaction of their Lord, but also they guarantee good breeding to their children and kids.

The Holy Quran and the new generations living in the west :

  Open as they are, the western societies where Muslim communities live are like a large sea without shores. It is very easy for an unaware youngster to lose their identity in such a society, unless they are well equipped with their cultural and religious background. Here comes learning the Holy Quran as a buoy and an anchor which makes a Muslim kid psychologically and spiritually stable. The western culture and civilization are hollow. Lots of westerners feel they are lost. There are a lot of controversial and contradictory values in the western minds. While many westerners may shed tears for a poor cat or bird, the selfsame westerners may not care for the aggression and oppression other humans may suffer in other corners of the world. When a Muslim kid learns the Holy Quran, they realize the greatness of Islam, prophet Mohammad and the Holy Quran. It is a matter of life or death for a Muslim parent to teach their kids the Holy Quran. Unless a Muslim parent teaches their kids the Holy Quran, both kids and their parents suffer a lot in adapting to their life in the western society.

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