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Yusuf Estes

What potential power is there in islam

The history of Islam answers this perplexing question. First, the prophet of Islam, Mohammad, was an orphan poor Arab. Mohammad came from an almost forsaken place, Makkah. Mohammad didn’t have sons who survived after his death. Moreover, Mohammad’s offspring were tortured and killed after his death. It seems as if Mohammad came for only one mission, receiving the Quran and establishing Islam.

Islam and its hostile critics

From its inception, Islam encountered staunch critics. The articulate Arabs, unwilling to accept defeat at the hands of the magnificent style and technique of the Holy Quran, expressed hostility. The haughty elite of Makkah and Arabia could not tolerate being overcome by someone as seemingly unremarkable as Mohammad. This dynamic played out on a local scale.

However, Islam did not emerge to provoke those Bedouin Arabs. Its purpose was to guide humanity back to the righteous path. The Holy Quran remains impervious, facing challenges from seasoned figures in trade, such as the Jewish and Christian clergy. Islam advocates for the purification of people’s faith, eliminating impurities that have tainted it. Furthermore, Islamseeks to clarify and purify the concept of Allah, dispelling any deformities alleged against it.

Islam and the previous heavenly religions

One. Allah is Great. Allah doesn’t have a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a son or a daughter. Here Islam confronts the two previous heavenly religions, Judaism and Christianity. One their part, the Jews and Christians spared no effort to deform Islam. All bad qualities have been unjustly ascribed to Islam. What makes matters worse is the fact that the (mobs) in the west don’t bother their heads to search for the truth. That is why Islamophobia is at its height in the west.

Yusuf Estes and Islam

In reality, every typical Westerner shares similarities with Yusuf Estes. This implies that individuals in the West harbor their own distorted perceptions about Islamthe Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammad, and Muslims as a whole. So, when Yusuf Estes, once a monk, encountered an ordinary Muslim, but he initially did not embrace the idea. Content with his role as an enlightened man of God, Yusuf contemplated the notion of guiding the Muslim toward Christianity.

In a narrative reminiscent of “The Old Man and the Sea,” the roles reversed. The hunter became the hunted, and vice versa. Instead of persuading Mohammad to embrace Christianity, it was Islam itself that convinced Yusuf Estes to adopt the Muslim faith.

More mothes attracted to the light

In the process of discussion and debates with Mohammad, through which Estes embraced Islam, Estes’ family members understood   Islam and embraced it. From that time on, Estes became a good caller to Islam. He advocates and defends Islam as the true and right religion of Allah.

Yusuf Estes guide us TV

Following his conversion to Islam, Yusuf Estes devoted considerable effort to the service of his newfound faith. Actively engaging in lecturing on Islam, he participated in discussions and debates where he ardently advocated for the principles of Islam. Not content with just personal interactions, Yusuf Estes went on to establish his own television channel. Through this platform, he delved into discussions and provided explanations about the religion of Islam to his viewers.

Undoubtedly, Yusuf Estes garnered support from his followers. However, and he also faced criticism and opposition from adversaries who questioned both him and his chosen religion.


Yusuf Estes serves as a compelling illustration of Islam‘s resilience, demonstrating its ability to endure and triumph over various forms of hostile criticism. His journey towards embracing Islam involved extensive discussions and debates, ultimately leading him to the conviction that Islam is the true religion of Allah. Through careful contemplation and questioning, Yusuf Estes arrived at the truth, emerging as one of the most enlightened advocates for Islam.

Yusuf Estes stands as a living testament to why individuals continue to accept and adopt Islam, despite the challenging media landscape in the West. This media environment is often dominated by anti-Islamic sentiments originating from Western minds.

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