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learn Quran Online” with Reciter Sheikh Hamdi Al-Zamil

If you want to learn Quran Online
well you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is
the reciter Sheikh “ Hamdi Al-Zamil”. 

learn Quran online

Birth and upbringing

Sheikh Hamdi Mahmoud Al-Zamil was born on December 22, 1929 AD
in the village of Minya, Dimna, Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate,
to parents from a family that memorized the Holy َQuran. In the village,
and his uncle Sheikh Hamed Al- Zamil, who graduated from Al- Azhar
and was working as a legal judge in the city of Mansoura, and his uncle Sheikh Mustafa Ibrahim,
the memorizer of the Noble َQuran, who had memorized the Quran by Sheikh
Hamdi from the age of three until he completed it before he reached the age of ten,
and he preserved it at the hands of Sheikh Auf Bahbah, who was a scholar in the sciences
of the Noble َQuran, and is also from the same family.

Joining Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

Sheikh Hamdi joined the Azhari Religious Institute in Zagazig
and was opening the school day by reciting the Holy َQuran in his distinctive voice.
After he finished primary school, he joined the Religious Institute
in Cairo and praised his voice all the sheikhs of the institute who gave him all
the parishes and attention for his superiority in memorization and intonation,
and Sheikh Tawfiq Abdel Aziz praised him He was one of the scholars specializing
in the sciences of the Noble َQuran, and he gave him good tidings of
a brilliant future awaiting him.. Sheikh Tawfiq Abdel Aziz is the father
of the able radio station, Fadila Tawfiq, who is known as “Abla Fadela,”
as well as Professor Muhsinah Tawfiq. Out of his strong love for the great readers,
such as Sheikh Muhammad Refaat, Muhammad Salama, Mustafa Ismail,
Abdel Fattah Al Shasha’i, Ali Mahmoud and other adults, he devoted himself to reading
and left the Azhar Institute before completing secondary school..!

His fame and launch learn Quran online

At the end of the fifties, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was on his way to the city of Manzala,
and Sheikh Hamdi was reading at a funeral in the village of “Shaha.”
The pavilion was located on the main road. When Sheikh Mustafa heard his voice,
he ordered the driver to stop and listen. A new man named Hamdi Al-Zamil, so he said to him,
“Tell him that Sheikh Mustafa has heard you, and you will have a brilliant future!”
After a while, President Gamal Abdel Nasser was in the city of Mansoura to hold a mass
conference in the courtyard of the governorate building. Sheikh Mustafa Ismail
was supposed to open the ceremony. For some reason, Sheikh Mustafa apologized
for the ceremony. Sheikh Al-Zamel read and opened the conference, and the late leader
Gamal Abdel Nasser admired his voice and praised his voice and performance. In recitation,
and since then his reputation has spread in all governorates of the Republic
Also and the relationship between Sheikh Mustafa Ismail and Sheikh Al- Zamil has been strengthened
and he was praised everywhere, even in Al-Kawakeb magazine he said to one of the journalists:
“The future is for the glorious people like Hamdi Al- Zamil.” At the beginning of the seventies,
Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad was invited to a large funeral in the city of Mansoura,
and Sheikh Ahmed Abu Zayd – Al-Muttahl on the Egyptian radio – was with him. reciting,
so he sat next to him and said, “In the presence of Sheikh Hamdi Al-Zamil, no one should read.”

Join the radio

In 1976, Sheikh Hamdi Al- Zamil submitted to the Egyptian radio tests
and succeeded with distinction from the first time. Sheikh Rizk Khalil Hebba –
the sheikh of all Egyptian readers at the time – said about him:
“I do not have any notes on his voice.” His voice was also praised
by Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al- Husari.. Sheikh Al-Zamil was adopted
On radio and television in the same year, and he continued to recite the Quran al- Fajr
once every twenty days for six years on live air, and for his efficiency he read the Friday Quran
on Egyptian television, as well as his recordings broadcast at the beginning and end
of television broadcasts, and he read all concerts and events live on the radio.
He refused foreign travel, and Saudi Arabia was the only country he traveled to
to perform the Hajj

Positions from the life of the Sheikh Learn Quran online

There was a worker in the village who repaired shoes, not from the people of the village,
and the nephew of Sheikh Al-Zamil was with this simple worker.
Fortunately for this simple man, he died while working in repairing the shoes
of the Sheikh’s nephew. So the boy, Muhammad Abdul Jawad, rushed to his uncle
and told him about what happened and because he was a lonely and strange man.
About the village, Sheikh Al-Zamil built a large pavilion for him in the largest place in
the village at his own expense, and the simple worker spread the thousands of the villagers,
and he recited Al-Zamel at the funeral, and it was one of the most beautiful nights in which Sheikh Al- Zamil read.
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shabouli says, “From the village of Al-Shabul,
which overlooks Lake Manzala.
” My father passed away and he was a simple fisherman, and we all work in fishing,
we have nothing
but our daily food. And when my father died, I collected all my relatives
to collect a sum of money,
but I only collected half the wages of Sheikh Al- Zamil. What is the Sheikh in?”
So I told him, and he said to me, “Come with me to my house, rest, and then he will reach you.”
So I entered his house with him and he honored me and ate lunch with him, and then I told him,
“Please, let me come to Al-Zamel’s house because I was late. Prepare your father for burial, “
and if he raises the phone and calls the official responsible for preparing the pavilions
Also and responsible for the microphone, and I traveled on my way to my country

His death

Sheikh Hamdi Al-Zamil died on May 12, 1982 AD,
and his body was attended by thousands of fans of his art in a solemn
and unprecedented funeral.
May God have mercy on him and grant him the highest paradise with the prophets, the truthful ones and the martyrs.

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