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Learn Quran Online with “Abdul Aziz Ali Farag”

If you want to learn tajweed online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt
is the reciter Sheikh  Abdul Aziz Ali Farag.

learn tajweed online

who is he

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ali Faraj (January 22, 1927 – March 17, 1977)
An Egyptian Quran reader and one of the prominent figures in this field.
He was born in the village of Mit Al- Wusta, Markaz Al- Bajour, Menoufia Governorate.

learn tajweed online

His birth, upbringing and life

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ali Farag was born on January 22, 1927 AD in the village of Mit Al Wusta, the center of Bagour, Menoufia Governorate, the Arab Republic of Egypt.
He memorized the Nobleَ Quran at an early age and learned the readings at the hands of Sheikh Ahmed Al- Ashmouni.
also He grew up blind, but his disability did not prevent him from memorizing, proficient in, and reading the Nobleَ Quran.
And also He moved to live in the area of ​​Hakr Abu Doma in Shubra in Cairo.
also He worked by reciting the Nobleَ Quran on Egyptian radio, in mosques, and on various occasions.
He also recorded a number of surahs and supplications with his own voice.
Also He got married and then moved to Al-Jisr Street in Shubra in Cairo.
He used to go daily to meet the jurists, reciters and worshipers at the Fuqaha’ cafe on Abu El-Ala Street in Cairo.

Egyptian radio learn tajweed online

After moving to Cairo, he applied to the Egyptian radio in 1962 to read the Noble Quran,
also and the number of applicants at the time was 170 readers, only four of whom were accepted, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ali Farag.
It is reported that he recited the Noble Quran in the first dawn prayer transmitted by the Egyptian radio from Al- Hussein Mosque in Cair

His death

He passed away on March 17, 1977 at the age of 50.

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