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Learn Quran Online with Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna

If you want to learn Quran Online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is the reciter
Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna

Birth and upbringing … Quran online

Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna (December 17, 1926 – July 20, 1985)An Egyptian
Quran reader and one of the prominent figures in this field
Born in the village of Shubra Bus, Shebin El-Kom district, Menoufia Governorate
He memorized the Holy Qur’an in the village book by Sheikh Musa Al-Muntash,
and completed it at the age of eleven, then he moved to the city of Tanta to study
Sharia sciences at the Ahmadi Mosque, and received readings there by Imam
Ibrahim bin Salam Al-Maliki


Sheikh Al-Banna came to Cairo in 1945, and his reputation began to be broadcast there
Darwish al-Hariri studied the sciences of maqamat at the hands of Sheikh al- Hijjah in that field
Also He was chosen as a reader for the Muslim Youth Association in 1947,
and also he was opening all the celebrations held by the association, and in 1948 AD,
Ali Maher Pasha, Prince Abdul Karim al- Khattabi and a number of senior notables
present at the association’s ceremony listened to him They asked him to join
the Egyptian radio.
Sheikh Al- Banna joined the Egyptian radio in 1948, and his first reading
on the air was in December 1948 from Surat Hud,
and within a few years he became one of the most famous readers in Egypt

The ambassador of the Quran … Quran online

Also He was chosen as a reciter for the Ain Al- Hayat Mosque at the end of the forties,
then for the Imam Al-Rifai Mosque in the fifties, and moved to
the Ahmadi Mosque in Tanta in 1959. He remained there until 1980,
when he took up reading at the Imam Hussein Mosque until his death.
He left for the radio a huge wealth of recordings, in addition to
the recited Quran that he recorded in 1967, the Quran on Egyptian radio,
and also the recited Quran that he recorded for Saudi and UAE radio stations.
Sheikh Al- Banna visited many countries of the world, and recited the Quran in the
Two Holy Mosques, the Temple Mount, the Umayyad Mosque and most Arab countries,
and also he visited many European countries, including Germany in 1978.
Sheikh Al- Banna was one of the activists who campaigned for the establishment
of the Syndicate of Reciters, and was chosen as Vice-President when the Syndicate was established in 1984.

his death … Quran online

After a bus tender journey, Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al- Banna died on
the 3rd of Dhul Qi’dah 1405 AH / July 20, 1985 AD.
Also He was buried in his mausoleum attached to his mosque in his village Shubra Bus
The former Egyptian President (Mohamed Hosni Mubarak) awarded him a medal called the Medal of Science and Arts in 1990.

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