LEARN QURAN ONLINE, Mohamed Saei Nasr Al-Jerzawi

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LEARN QURAN ONLINE, Mohamed Saei Nasr Al-Jerzawi

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Learn Quran Online with “ Mohamed Saei Nasr Al- Jerzawi ”

 If you want to learn Quran Online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt
is the reciter Sheikh Mohamed Saei Nasr Al- Jerzawi.

who is he “Learn Quran online”

Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jerzawi (1912-1984) was an Egyptian reciter of the Holy Quran
and an Egyptian worshiper who is considered one
of the great reciters and worshipers in Egypt and the Islamic world.

His birth, upbringing

Sheikh Muhammad Sa`i Nasr Al- Jarzawi
He was born on March 28, 1912 in Gerza, Al- Ayat Center, Giza Governorate.
also He joined the book and memorized the Holyَ Quran.
And also He was only twelve years old, and after obtaining his primary certificate,
he joined Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. also He got acquainted with Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat
in the mid- twenties when he frequented the house of his uncle Muhammad
Bey Habib in Abdeen district, who had a friendship with Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat
and also he was inviting him to read the Nobleَ Quran at home.
Muhammad Refaat to Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jarzawi, who said:
The voice of Sheikh Muhammad Sa`i Nasr Al-Jarzawi has a special taste, anger and a desirable resonance.

His life

In 1932, Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jarzawi obtained the international certificate,
learned readings and intonation, also recited the Holyَ Quran on religious occasions and commemorated funerals.
In the mid-fifties, and on one of the religious occasions,
Also Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jerzawi presented a break from the religious supplications.
Dr. Al-Mahrouqi, the Minister of Agriculture at the time, liked him, so he offered him to apply to the radio.
also Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jarzawi submitted to the tests
of the new readers on the radio and succeeded with superiority.
Also For the first time on Egyptian television, he read on Channel One.
He was assigned to recite the Nobleَ Quran at the Zamalek Mosque in Cairo Governorate

His travels and joining the Egyptian Radio

Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al-Jarzawi traveled in the missions
of the Ministry of Awqaf to many Arab, Islamic and European countries
to commemorate the nights of Ramadan, for example: Saudi Arabia,
also Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, France,
And also Switzerland, Belgium and England. for him.
Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jarzawi was known for his love for charitable deeds,
and also he used to do good secretly and did not receive any remuneration
for reviving funeral nights.
Also The Cairo Audio and Video Company asked him to record the Holy Quran in his voice,
but he refused, saying : The Holy Quran is, not sold.
The radio library abounds with his wonderful recordings,
which are, still being broadcast on multiple radio waves today.
Sheikh Muhammad Sa’i Nasr Al- Jarzawi married Mrs. Amina Sawy Mabrouk,
and also Allah blessed them with two sons with Madi.
He also is an engineer and resides in Jerza and Salah, who is one of the first generations
of Radio Youth and Sports and Souad, who is the chief broadcaster at Youth and Sports Radio.
She joined the radio in 1981 AD, and in an interview with her, she said:
I learned from my father Virtuous morals, tolerance and not holding grudges
or hatred for anyone, and I also learned from him to love people,
because loving people is from loving God Almighty.

His death

In early April 1984, Sheikh Muhammad Sa`i Nasr Al-Jerzawi entered
the Misr International Hospital due to his illness
His death was on May 9, 1984,
and on the eleventh, his body was, buried among the richest family
burial grounds in Gerza, Al-Ayat Center, Giza Governorate.

Author: aburuqayyah
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