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NEW   CONVERTS   TO   THE   RELIGION…learn Quran online

Islam is the religion of Allah. It is the right faith. Muslims believe that Allah is
One, without a wife or a son, as He doesn’t need any.
Muslims exceed a billion people in number.
Islam has given the full freedom to all people to believe or not to believe.
However, it is the duty of enlightened Muslims to promote their religion
and give the non- Muslims a true and honest idea about their faith.
Recently,  there has been no less important duty … learn Quran online

Muslims are requested to withstand, tolerate and endure the insults and misunderstandings
and even the prejudice of some non-Muslims. This is simply because the religion
of Islam is the religion of tolerance, and Islam itself asks Muslims to do so.
Also, Muslims know very well that they have been guided to the right faith and the right way. 
Here also rises a very important question:
Should Muslims focus on persuading more non-Muslims to embrace Islam,
or rather focus on improving the faith and the status of Muslims themselves?
It is very clear that Muslims mainly live in unfavourable conditions, circumstances and countries.

Jenny Molendyk Divleli … learn Quran online

She was born in Canada , Western British Columbia.
Her father, a police officer, RCMP.
Her mother is a nurse.
She studied sign language, hoping to be an interpreter for a while.
She spent a lot of time outdoors, loving nature and took small jobs to continue her education

Journey to Islam

Before becoming a Muslim , she knew very little about Islam, if not anything.
She, only, knew about, Islam through, the media, particulrly after the 9/11.
and also She had prejudgements about, Islam through the media, women sit, in the backseat
of, a car, she believed.
She had, a conversation with a friend which stimulated her, to read more about Islam.
Reading into Islam, she found some similarities between Islam and Christianity,
things in Islam convinced her, some things in Christianity perplexed her.
She new a Muslim Syrian family who helped her understand better, giving her books to read.
They took her to the mosque, where she made friends with some young women who became her best friends.
One night she asked Allah to help and guide her.  
She told a pastor of the church that she was questioning her faith and that she needed him
to answer her questions, if not she would convert to Islam.
Her major questions concerned the Bible as a word of Allah, being unprotected, while the Quran is well protected.
The pastor didn’t answer her questions, saying she had to believe.
Then, one day she met a Muslim person who answered all her questions simply and naturally,
a matter which astonished and relieved her a lot.

The difficulties She encountered on his way to Islamlearn Quran online
The western media says Islam enslaves women.
In fact, Islam liberates women.
In France, the atmosphere is hostile against Islam after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
The west claims to be a promoter of freedom.
The real promoter of freedom is prophet Mohammad.
His biggest dream is to see the Umah as one nation.
The coronavirus is a message to remember death and the hereafter.
Satan is the biggest enemy, Allah is the greatest Supporter of His slaves.
The duty of Muslims is to spread Islam systematically.
Instead of building too many mosques, Muslims should focus on promoting Islam.

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  • shayan danish

    49 – The significance of the Noble quran stems from the best ways of guidance and commandments , where Allah be Exalted and Glorified says, “ And your Lord has decreed that you do not worship except him , and to parents good treatment , owing to the importance of His Oneness and handling parents leniently and politely to gain Allah ‘s satisfaction which will be in theirs , as His anger is in theirs too .

  • zain mohsin

    3- Whenever we apply the Quranic teachings overacting our life will straighten to the best as well as in the hereafter.

  • hamza atif

    92 – The Holy Quran is a Book that its prominence lies in bringing people out of darknesses into the light due to its great impact , so Almighty Allah addresses His Messenger [PBUH] saying, “ Alif Lam Ra .[ This is ] a Book which we have revealed to you,[O Muhammed ]that you might bring mankind out of darknesses into the light by permission of their Lord .”

  • abbas saleem

    11- understanding the Noble Quran perfectly is gonna pave the way for us as Muslim to reinforce the coherehce of the Islamic community and in turn create concrete collaboratin which lead to unite all enormous efforts aiming to sreve the message of Islam sustainably sseking pleasure of Almighty Allah.

  • javed ayan

    31 – Allah be Exalted and Glorified goes saying to Iblees,”And incite [for noneseness ] whoever you can among them with your voice and assault them with your horses and foot soldiers and become a partner in their wealth and their children and promise them .” But Satan does not promise them except delusion .

  • salman waleed

    80 – Almighty Allah says to His MessengerMuhammad [PBUH] in the Holy Quran about inviting the disbelievers that they will not follow him , “ And if you invite them to guidance , they will not follow you .it is all the same whether you invite them or you are silent . “

  • ayyan muhammad

    13 – Whenever we commit to reciting the Noble Quran and comprehending it, our life will be free from all troubles and the severe circumstances which might undermine the stability of our Islamic society and spread a sublime sense of the religion of truth to maintain the desired ends.

  • asim aryan

    28 – The Noble Quran also informs us about the destruction that will happen to every city before the Day of Judgement ,as allah be Exalted and Glorified says ,” and there is no city but that we will destroy it before the Day of Resurrection or punish it with a severe punishment. That has been in the Register inscribed .

  • atif hasan

    60 – Almighty Allah as well enjoin His Messenger [PBUH] saying , “ And do noprsue that of which you have no knowledge . Indeed the hearing , the sight and the heart – abou all those [ one]will be questioned .

  • adnan waleed

    78 – For Allah’s promise is always true and steadfast promise but by fulfilling the conditions which Almighty Allah has put them in return holding fast His dear Book and establishing prayer, therefore springs significance of the Noble Quran m,because when we hold fast to the dear Book our lives will be straighten .

  • shahzad meerab

    Almighty Allah says concerning sending His Messengers ,”And we did not send any Messenger except [speaking] in the language of his people to state clearly for them .” Allah the Exalted in Might , the Wise sent each one of them with the language of his people lest not have an argument on the Day of Resurrection .

  • saad saqib

    Whoever learns and recites the Noble Quran regularly Almighty Allah will reward him the best of recompense for every letter he recites or teaches it to anyone, as Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] recite the Quran it will come intercessor on the Day of Judgment ..

  • rayan amir

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified again states for us regarding showing as -sadaqat[ the handouts] and the best way of giving them, He says ,” If you disclose your charitable expenditures , they are good m but if you conceal then and give them to the poor , it is better for you ..He will remove from yo some of your misdeeds [thereby], And Allah with what you do is [fully acquainted ].

  • rashid arham

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified advises His Messenger [PBUH] about the way of spending, where He says , “ and do not make your hand [as] chained to your neck or extend it completely and [thereby ] become blamed and insolvent . so spending sparingly , rather than totally extending a hand or handcuffing it .

  • daniyal maaz

    in accordance with private principles. of Islam that calls for mutual respect and peeaceful coexistence among all people in the whole world regardless their religion ,we have to cement our nearness to Allah the Almighty through being in touch with Him on and on via recitation and implementation the Holy Quran .

  • shahzaib sajid

    The Noble Quran also tells us about the disbelievers and those who say “we believe in Allah and the Last Day “but they are not believers . because Allah says , They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe. but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not .

  • bilal meerab

    The Holy Quran says that Allah be Exalted and Glorified hadn’t sent a Messenger but with his people ‘s tomgue to illustrate evidently for them . Almighty ِAllah sends ashtray[ thereby] whom He wills and guides whom He wills , And he is the Exalted in Mighty and the Wise .

  • abbas haris

    The Noble Quran is the only book that Allah has kept from misrepresentation throughout times , for almighty Allah mentioned in it saying, :” indeed it is a dear Book falsehood doesn’t come to it before its hands ,nor from behind .” so we have to believe in the Quran and work with its rules.

  • ahsan ayaan

    When we recite the Holy Quran we feel that there is perfect protection from Almighty Allah because He is able to protect us from anything as He says to ur prophet [PBUH],”And when you recite the Quran ,we put between you and those do not believe in the hereafter concealed partition .( surat Al- Isra 17 : 25) .

  • hasan shayan

    The significance of the Noble Quran appears in its ever enormous influence as soon as people hear or listen to it , where it leads them to the path of the Exalted in Might , the praiseworthy . Therefore Almighty Allah has revealed it as guidance for a people who understand .

  • huzaifa arham

    It opens our minds to the ways of peace and guides us to do the good deeds which boost our spiritual relation with Almighty Allah on the one hand ,and make us lead lovely lives based on the Islamic teachings and and the vital values that our true religion has urged to stick with them

  • javed shahbaz

    Doubtless the Noble Quran plays a private part Muslims ‘ worldly life and the life to come .

  • aayan adeel

    Almighty Allah tells us the enormous dimension of refusal and obstination of most people to believe but sadly they had backslidden from the straight path ,He says ,” We have certainly diversified for the people in this Quran from every [kind ] of example , but most of the people refused [ anything] except disbelief . .

  • asim bilal

    Almighty Allah has revealed a Quran that always recites and forever about Battle and the severe circumstances that surrounded Allah Messenger [PBUH] and His companions ,”Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you . but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you , and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you . . And Allah knows what you know yet.

  • aayan afan

    The Holy Quran goes on describing those who went astray and deviated from the path of truth and their fate in this life and the life to come,Almighty Allah says ,” And whoever is blnd in this [life] will be blnd in the Hereafter and more stray in way . “ so , this destney will be the same in both worlds .

  • ayyan faisal

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified ] mentions in His dear Book for those who stick firmly with it in addition establishing salah [prayer ] that He will reward them as He says , “ And Those who hold fast to the Book and establish prayer – Indeed , we will not allow to be lost the reward of the reformers .

  • danish ahmed

    Learning the Holy Quran perfectly and sustaining recitation regularly will remove all our worries and make us happy.