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NEW   CONVERTS   TO   THE   RELIGION…learn Quran online

Islam is the religion of Allah. It is the right faith. Muslims believe that Allah is
One, without a wife or a son, as He doesn’t need any.
Muslims exceed a billion people in number.
Islam has given the full freedom to all people to believe or not to believe.
However, it is the duty of enlightened Muslims to promote their religion
and give the non- Muslims a true and honest idea about their faith.
Recently,  there has been no less important duty … learn Quran online

Muslims are requested to withstand, tolerate and endure the insults and misunderstandings
and even the prejudice of some non-Muslims. This is simply because the religion
of Islam is the religion of tolerance, and Islam itself asks Muslims to do so.
Also, Muslims know very well that they have been guided to the right faith and the right way. 
Here also rises a very important question:
Should Muslims focus on persuading more non-Muslims to embrace Islam,
or rather focus on improving the faith and the status of Muslims themselves?
It is very clear that Muslims mainly live in unfavourable conditions, circumstances and countries.

Jenny Molendyk Divleli … learn Quran online

She was born in Canada , Western British Columbia.
Her father, a police officer, RCMP.
Her mother is a nurse.
She studied sign language, hoping to be an interpreter for a while.
She spent a lot of time outdoors, loving nature and took small jobs to continue her education

Journey to Islam

Before becoming a Muslim , she knew very little about Islam, if not anything.
She, only, knew about, Islam through, the media, particulrly after the 9/11.
and also She had prejudgements about, Islam through the media, women sit, in the backseat
of, a car, she believed.
She had, a conversation with a friend which stimulated her, to read more about Islam.
Reading into Islam, she found some similarities between Islam and Christianity,
things in Islam convinced her, some things in Christianity perplexed her.
She new a Muslim Syrian family who helped her understand better, giving her books to read.
They took her to the mosque, where she made friends with some young women who became her best friends.
One night she asked Allah to help and guide her.  
She told a pastor of the church that she was questioning her faith and that she needed him
to answer her questions, if not she would convert to Islam.
Her major questions concerned the Bible as a word of Allah, being unprotected, while the Quran is well protected.
The pastor didn’t answer her questions, saying she had to believe.
Then, one day she met a Muslim person who answered all her questions simply and naturally,
a matter which astonished and relieved her a lot.

The difficulties She encountered on his way to Islamlearn Quran online
The western media says Islam enslaves women.
In fact, Islam liberates women.
In France, the atmosphere is hostile against Islam after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
The west claims to be a promoter of freedom.
The real promoter of freedom is prophet Mohammad.
His biggest dream is to see the Umah as one nation.
The coronavirus is a message to remember death and the hereafter.
Satan is the biggest enemy, Allah is the greatest Supporter of His slaves.
The duty of Muslims is to spread Islam systematically.
Instead of building too many mosques, Muslims should focus on promoting Islam.

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