the best five ways to memorize the Holy Quran

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Memorizing the Holy Quran is the objective of every Muslim, old and young. All Muslims dream of memorizing the Holy book of Allah. There are a lot of ways which make it easy for a Muslim to achieve such a great objective.

The best five ways to memorize the holly quran

Kuttab and memorizing the Quran

1- The first and most popular way to memorize the Holy Quran is to send a kid to a tutor or a teacher of the Holy Quran. Kids get together and study at the hands of a devoted tutor who teaches kids the secrets of the Holy QuranThe teacher starts by teaching the kids the names of the Arabic letters or the Arabic alphabet. This is very important to familiarize a kid with the pronunciation of the Arabic sounds, syllables and the Arabic words. Worthy mentioning, there are certain Arabic sounds which differ from English sounds. So, a native speaker of Arabic can help kids a lot to learn the right pronunciation of the Arabic and consequently Quranic words. This first way of teaching the Holy Quran depends mainly on the honesty of the teacher who follows the progress and the achievements of the kid.

Memorizing The Quran online

2- The above-mentioned way of memorizing the Holy Quran is offline. It is a traditional way of making the kid memorize the Holy Quran.
Another useful and effective way to memorize the Holy Quran is to get a tutor to teach one’s kid the Holy Quran at home. Parents who are well off can afford providing a teacher to teach their kids at home. This way has a lot of advantages. First, the good parents honor the teacher of the Holy Quran, acknowledging the teacher’s favor. Receiving the teacher at home makes the parents feel like honoring the book of Allah as well. Also, a parent can overhear their kid’s performance and know how far their kid is making progress on the spot. Also, some adults may be ashamed to say they don’t know much of the Holy Quran. Very often such a shy adult can overhear the lesson and learn silently, benefitting from the teacher’s knowledge.

Parent-kid memorizong

The best five ways to memorize the holly Quran

3- A wise and knowledgeable parent can teach their own kid the Holy Quran. In such a situation, the parent can revise what they already memorize the Holy Quran while teaching their own kid. The parent is close to their kid and feels the favor and the reward of Allah while teaching their own kid the word of Allah. However, this way has its disadvantages which make it hard to achieve. First, the parents themselves may not have the suitable method of teaching. Teachers are generally born, not made. So the parent may have the passion and the motive to teach, but they may lack the method. This puts the parent under pressure which makes them worried and too nervous to control themselves which makes the learning kid uncomfortable while learning.

Quran online institutes

4- The latest trend of teaching the Holy Quran is to study the Holy Quran online. A lot of firms, institutes and companies like E-aalim hire Al-Azhar graduate teachers of the Holy Quran. Such teachers are qualified who have passed a lot of tests in the Arabic language, the English language and Tajweed. This is to guarantee the efficiency and the right performance of the teacher. This is a very convenient way to study the Holy Quran. The Quran teacher is a native speaker of Arabic. Their teacher is specialized and Qualified in the Holy Quran. So studying this way is very useful.

Quran self-learning and memorizing

5- The fifth way of studying the Holy Quran is self learning. This means the student of the Holy Quran gets interested in learning the Holy Quran. This created the motive and the incentive inside the learner which makes them eager to learn. The learner collects the materials which help them learn  the Holy Quran. This material includes the Tajweed books, Tajweed videos, lectures and lessons. This way of self learning suits the adult learners.

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