The Quran is the door to happiness...learn Quran online

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The Quran is the door to happiness…learn Quran online

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learn Quran online

Islam is food for the mind and soul…learn Quran online

All people are born with common sense… learn Quran online

But life with its many work and work

It made them not think

But instinct will still impose itself

Searching for the truth from existence

So We Muslims must bring Islam closer to them

that they know the truth of existence

So they know about Allah as He commanded us to report him

The Quran is the word of Allah, and it is the best speech and the best way

Therefore, we Muslims must learn the Quran in order to learn Islam

ask Allah support us to learn Islam

and Allah help our to thank Allah for Islam

learn Quran online


KEVIN, born in 1986

In Huston, Texas.

and KEVIN is an African American

KEVIN was a Catholic Christian

Because He had many activities in university. 

So KEVIN had a spiritual and cultural thirst

learn Quran online

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KEVIN’s Journey into Islam…learn Quran online

And because KEVIN is African American,

So Islam is not strange to KEVIN.

So KEVIN, Think of being a Muslim

KEVIN had an African-American friend who embraced Islam in Saudi Arabia. 

And He was kind and gentle.

ًWho had spiritual and cultural hunger, satisfied only by Islam.

So One and a half year after graduation, he began to read into Islam. 

And KEVIN become a Muslim in  2010

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KEVIN’s life in Islam…learn Quran online

His family knew that he was seriously considering the matter. They were a little hostile at the beginning.

One of his best friends who read a lot about Islam did not accept Kevin Muslim

The friend didn’t accept the change in KEVIEN’S lifestyle.

KEVIN is now a postgraduate Islamic studies student in Turkey.

so u must learn Quran to learn Islam

Author: aburuqayyah
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