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memorized-the-holy-quran-learn-quran-online”>studied Arabic, Tajweed, and memorized the Holy Quran…learn Quran online

We must learn the Quran to be his advocates

Good in word and deed

learn Quran online

Abdul Hakim Muhammed… learn Quran online

 Abdel Hakim Mohamed was born in London in 1984.

Abdul Hakim Muhammad was a British Christian,

Abd al-Hakim Muhammad was a believer in the Trinity and that Jesus was َAllahand the Son of God.

He got involved in Spurs’ criminal life in a semester,

He declared that he did not believe in َAllahand that he was no longer a Christian. 

Abd al-Hakim lived as a theist for two years.

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Before Islam… learn Quran online

Grew up Abd al-Hakim lived with his family and , 

Abd al-Hakim’s family separated and Abd al-Hakim lived with his mother and brothers, where his father used to visit them.

Abd al-Hakim went to the university where he studied philosophy.

and Abd al-HakimRené de Carte studied with his theory of skepticism,

And Abd al-Hakim began to doubt everything he believed in. 

said Abd al-Hakim “This went on for two years until I realized that there was a great and excellent power”.

learn Quran online

Abd al-Hakim’s journey with Islam

Abdul Hakim had a shy friend in his gang who always agreed with everything he said.

When discussing faith, the shy friend spoke with sudden confidence,

challenging Abdul Hakim that someone knows more 

and asking Abdul Hakim for a challenge in the discussion,

so Which he eagerly accepted.

And a few days ago,

after that Abdul Hakim met a group of Muslims 

who spoke clearly about the questions that bothered Abdul Hakim,

and They suggested that he read the translation of the Quran,

so  Which is what he started doing.

so Abd al-Hakim recited the Quran.

But Abd al-Hakim couldn’t stop reading  the Quran.

Muslim friends said Abd al-Hakim is indeed a Muslim.

Abd al-Hakim friend said, “Wait until Abd al-Hakim finishes reading  the Quran.” 

but Abd al-Hakim was skeptical, Believing that the Quran is too good to be true.

Abd al-Hakim converted to Islam in 2003.

And Abd al-Hakim gave his testimony in a Lebanese restaurant. 

so Abd al-Hakim came home and told his family about it.

Entered Abd al-Hakim into discussions about Islam with his brothers who converted to Islam one by one.

I embraced Islam by insistence

learn Quran online

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Advocate of Islam

Abd al-Hakim entered into discussions

about Islam with his brothers who converted to Islam one by one.

After his conversion to Islam,

so Abd al-Hakim began to leave his old habits,

stop watching inappropriate movies and listening to bad music.

 so He stopped his relationship with women outside marriage.

 and Leaving the criminal life,

But he practices advocacy with his old criminal friends in the area.

criminal activity in the region is increasing,

But all he can do is invite people to Islam.

After that Abd al-Hakim traveled to Syria, 

where Abd al-Hakim studied Arabic, tajweed, and memorized the Holy Quran.

learn Quran online

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  • rashid kamran

    82 – Almighty Allah enjoins through His dear Book our prophet [PBUH] to take the disbelievers and the ignorant with remission and enjoin with the tradition to show the tolerance and leniency of Islam . Allah be Exalted and Glorified says ,” Take what is given freely , enjoin what is good , and turn away from the ignorant .”

  • daniyal irfan

    70 – Almighty Allah has ordered us as He says, “And seek help through patience and prayer , and indeed , it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah] .after Allah has the believers with humble submission to Allah , He added describing them:” those who are certain that they will meet their Lord and that they will return to Him .

  • ayan javed

    24 – The Noble Quran presents to us more details of the universe, where Allah be Exalted and Glorified says , “ And we have made the night and day two signs ,and we erased the sign of the night and made the sign of the day visible that you may seek bounty from your Lord and may know the number of years and the account [of time ]and everything we set out in detail. .(surat Al- Isra, 17 :12) .

  • meerab kamran

    11- understanding the Noble Quran perfectly is gonna pave the way for us as Muslim to reinforce the coherehce of the Islamic community and in turn create concrete collaboratin which lead to unite all enormous efforts aiming to sreve the message of Islam sustainably sseking pleasure of Almighty Allah.

  • nabeel ali

    91 – Allah be Exalted through the Holy Quran set a good example for us about one of the most marvellous similarities in another creation of [this] worldly life , He says in His dear Book ,”The example of this worldly life is but like rain which we have sent down from the sky that the plants of the earht a absorb [those] from which men and lifestock eat

  • muhammad aqib

    Believing in the importance of the Noble Quran in our daily life increases our inclination to keep reciting it and helping other Muslims who are in need to learn it and keep it either.

  • sajid yasir

    Thus the Holy Quran has given us detailed facts and knowledge about the globe we live in and eaplain logically why did Almighty Allah has set out everything in order to seek great grant from our Lord who is the Only One able to manage the whole universe meticulously .

  • kashif shahzaib

    Therefore our concern , inclination should be steered towards memorising the Holy Quran that purifies our souls as well as healing our bodies from all diseases and facilitating our life’s affairs on the one hand and our affairs in the hereafter on the other hand.

  • usama amir

    The Almighty Allah describes the believers in the Holy Quran which stated they are truly believers, saying , “ The believers are only those who , when Allah is mentioned . their hearts become fearful .” because of their firm faith and their recognition of the spiritual sense of the verses of Allah when they are recited to them .